Looking for a superb staffing agency in your area? Look no further! The experts at Infinity staffing provide services such as resume review, permanent job placement, temporary job placement, and more!  When you are in search of  “a staffing agency near me” with years of experience and competitive pricing, there’s only one place to call!

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Have You Been Looking For Jobs In Los Banos, CA?

Are you a business owner in search of an easier way to hire and manage staff?

Or are you a person who has been looking for jobs in Los Banos CA?

Whether you are an individual who needs help in their career, or a business looking for high-quality employees — working with a good staffing agency can be a huge resource!

If you want to simplify things and save a lot of time and energy, then working with a staffing agency is going to be a game-changer for you. Especially if you work with Infinity Staffing, a professional and well-experienced staffing agency. 

Read on to learn more about the best staffing agency in Los Banos…

Check Out The Services At The Best Staffing Agency In Los Banos

Direct Placement

Professionals at Infinity Staffing can help your business fill in any long-term positions you have with direct placement.

We have a large network and many resources, allowing us to find you the most qualified job candidates. We take care of finding the candidates and interviewing them so we are sure they are perfect for the job.

Infinity Staffing loves helping businesses and qualified candidates connect!

When you are looking for a career or you need excellent staff, make your life easier by working with Infinity Staffing.

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Staffing To Hire

Many companies like to use temp-to-hire as a way to see if a potential long-term employee is a good fit for the job.

This also gives the individual an opportunity to try out the job and see if they enjoy the work and the office environment.

Temp-to-hire is a great way for people and companies to experience each other before committing for the long haul.

Infinity Staffing offers a very effective and professional temp-to-hire service.


Staffing is a great way to try out different jobs and find what you like while making money.

You can also gain a lot of new skills and experience staffing that you can put on your resume. Plus you’ll have the chance to learn more about yourself and what you are good at.

Businesses greatly benefit from staffing at times where they need extra staff or they have staff out sick or on vacation.

Infinity Staffing in Los Banos can help find qualified staffing positions at businesses that need them.

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Payroll And Administrative Services

Many businesses enjoy Infinity Staffings payroll and administrative services. The owners and managers are able to spend more time on what matters and less time worrying about paperwork.

Some of these services include; mileage, daily paperwork, direct deposit, processing employee hours, making sure that employees are paid on time, and W-4 forms.

We will happily serve your company and assist you with our payroll and administrative services.

Background Checks And Drug Testing

Drug testing and background checks are an important part of hiring a good employee.

Infinity Staffing knows that this is an important step, but we also know that businesses are busy. We take care of drug testing and background checks so it’s one less thing you have to do!

When you work with us you will have nothing but the best staff!

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Various Training And Workshops

Having a value for learning and growing is an essential part of growth and success for a business.

Employees who continue to learn over the years will have more current knowledge and be happier in their careers. This benefits the people and the business they work for.

Infinity Staffing Los Banos knows how important learning is and so we offer a variety of training and workshops.

Why You Should Work With Infinity Staffing In Los Banos California

Infinity Staffing Los Banos California is a professional staffing agency that has years of experience! We have a top-notch team that will strive to help you in your business and career endeavors.

The Los Banos team will happily serve you!

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