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We staff a variety of industries and manage employees of various skill sets.
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Industry Staffing For Various Employers

There are many times when a business is in need of staff. When someone is on vacation, sick leave, maternity leave, or when you need extra staff during big holidays are all prime examples.

Infinity Staffing can help supply high-quality staff to fill in whenever your business needs it!

Providing employment placement services and temporary help services to a wide array of businesses.

We offer excellent temporary employees for many major staffing industries such as:

Food Manufacturing

Do you have a staff member taking sick leave?

Is your business in need of talented temporary food manufactures?

Industry staffing is a specialty of Infinity Staffing, we work with many skilled workers who are skilled and would make perfect food manufacturers for your company while your employee is on leave.


In our fast-paced world where things are shipped all over in a matter of days, packaging is an important and ever-growing job.

Infinity Staffing has multiple locations in California that can help your business find the perfect temporary or long-term packaging employees.


Does your resort or hotel need some additional staff for the busy seasons?

We can help you find high-quality individuals to temporarily work for you during the summer or holidays when you’re in need of more hospitality staffing.

Infinity Staffing will work hard to find you professional staff to serve your resort’s clients.

Electronics Manufacturing

Looking for qualified temporary staff to work for your electronic manufacturing company? Look no further than Infinity Staffing!

We have years of experience helping link high-quality workers with companies for both permanent and temporary positions.

When you work with Infinity Staffing you will have a professional worker in no time!


Is your business in need of a temporary janitorial employee?

Infinity Staffing can quickly and efficiently find you the perfect person for the position. We are one of the top industrial staffing agencies in California and are happy to serve your business!


Landscaping is an art form! Making a yard or the curbside of a business look beautiful, and put together is an important job that requires a talented individual.

When your business is understaffed because someone is on vacation or maternity leave, Infinity staffing can help temporarily replace your landscapers with skilled individuals.

Light Industrial

When you are in need of temporary or permanent staff to aid in producing small consumer goods in your manufacturing company Infinity Staffing is here for you!

We will help you find great workers for your company in no time!


Warehousing jobs are an important part of many industries. Is your company in need of temporary staffing for your warehouse?

Infinity Staffing can help you find good workers fast so your business is not running understaffed and you don’t get behind schedule.

Seasonal Food Manufacturing

In any seasonal work, there is likely going to be a need for additional temporary staffing.

If your seasonal food manufacturing business is in need of workers, you can work with Infinity Staffing to find workers quickly and with ease.

You won’t regret working with Infinity Staffing to find industry staffing, we are highly experienced and will find you excellent temporary or permanent employees

Professional Services

Infinity Staffing also offers industry staffing to a variety of professional service jobs. We can help your company fill in just about any professional positions whenever you need temporary staffing.

Whether you need an accountant, engineer, or consultant we can provide a highly qualified and professional individual for your business.

Mid-Level Clerical/Data Entry

For any clerical or data entry positions that your business needs temporary or permanent staffing for Infinity Staffing can help you find experienced staff.

We are happy to help provide you with great workers who will help you grow your business.


Is your construction company in need of laborers, contractors, or electricians for the busy season?

Infinity Staffing offers temporary and permanent placements for many staffing industries including various forms of construction.

And More!

Infinity Staffing provides many more industries both temporary and permanent staff!

You can contact Infinity Staffing to inquire about other fields that we offer industry staffing for!

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