Jobs In Hollister, CA

Have you been looking up “Hollister jobs near me,” hoping to find an excellent job in your area? Careers are a critical part of life, and looking for the right one can be stressful if you don’t have the right resources. Infinity Staffing is here to remove the pressure and allow you to find the perfect job or part-time job in Hollister, CA. Check out some of the many jobs in Hollister, CA, that Infinity Staffing can help connect you to…


With this temp-to-hire job, you will receive on-the-job training to work in assembly and be a part of a great team!



If you have some experience with the welding trade, this could be the perfect job for you! You can start as a temp and receive on-the-job training.


Inventory Clerk

Do you consider yourself organized and responsible?

Being an inventory clerk is an important job that helps keep a business running. Inventory Clerk is an excellent choice for those searching for “Hollister jobs near me.”


Inventory Manager

An inventory manager can make a good living in Hollister, CA! In this temp-to-hire job, you will be a vital part of the company, ensuring the inventory is appropriately running between development, sales, and distribution.


Receiving Clerk

Do you need a job in Hollister, CA, and have forklift experience?
You can be a receiving clerk and help unload delivery trucks and package products.


Accounting Admin

For those with some bookkeeping experience, an accounting admin job may be the perfect fit. You can stop your search for “Hollister jobs near me” when you apply for this full-time temp- to hire position.


Warehouse Clerk

If you enjoy being active all day long, then a job as a warehouse clerk could be a great fit!



Have you been looking up “Hollister jobs near me” to no avail?
Do you enjoy cooking and have experience in the kitchen?

With Infinity Staffing, you can get an excellent cook job in Hollister!


Paint Prepper

This full-time temp-to-hire job starts with some night shifts but transitions to day shifts. You will keep busy preparing surfaces for painting. So if you enjoy hands-on work, this may be the right fit for you!


Propane Yard Laborer

If you are looking for jobs in Hollister where you can be outside and active, becoming a propane yard laborer may be perfect for you!


Refrigeration Technician

Do you have a mechanical or technical inclination? Or experience with fridge repairs or HVAC systems? Consider joining this team as a refrigeration technician.


Computer Technician

Are you good with computers and looking for a career or part-time jobs, Hollister, CA?

Becoming a computer technician is a great way to grow your skills while making money!


Private Security

If you can pass a background check and you like the idea of helping keep people safe, then perhaps a job in private security is a good choice.



Are you tired of looking up “Hollister jobs near me”? Consider becoming a maintenance worker and be a part of a team to keep the business running smoothly!


Maintenance Technician

Have you been looking for full-time or part-time jobs, Hollister, CA?

You can become a temp-to-hire maintenance technician and work 10-15 hours per month, making $18 per hour!


Drywall Stacker

Do you consider yourself robust, reliable, and with a flexible schedule?

In this temp-to-hire, you will be a part of a team moving and delivering drywall to clients.


Horse Groomer

Are you an animal lover who is looking for a full-time job in Hollister, CA?

Being a temp-to-hire horse groomer can be an enjoyable career where you make $20 an hour with 40 hours a week.


Ranch Maintenance/ Handyman

Would you consider yourself a “jack of all trades” who can pass a background test?

Enjoy your days working on the ranch as a handyman in this temp-to-hire job in Hollister, CA.


Warehouse Clerk

Do you have experience working in a warehouse and need a job in Hollister, CA?

At this full-time temp-to-hire job, you will get 18 dollars an hour working night and day shifts.


Class A Driver

Do you have a clean driving record and willingness to work overtime?

Check out this job delivering products to warehouses.



Are you looking for part-time jobs, Hollister, CA?
Do you enjoy staying active in your work?

You can clean hotel rooms for $14 an hour in this temp-to-hire part-time position!


Installer Assistant

Do you consider yourself a team player who is strong and willing to travel?

Join this team installing automatic pool covers.


Warehouse Laborer

For 17 dollars an hour, you can work as a warehouse laborer helping prepare automatic pool cover systems for shipment.


Warehouse Clerk

Have you been looking for part-time jobs in Hollister, CA?

Being a part-time warehouse clerk may be the perfect position for you!

If you are looking for a part-time job in Hollister, CA apply now or upload your resume for jobs in Hollister, CA today!