How To Staff Your Business For The Holidays In 3 Easy Steps, Part Three

Dec 23, 2020Blog, Employee Hiring and Retention


The holiday season can be an incredibly busy time for many businesses. It is essential that you have a good holiday staff that is well trained and ready to take on the rush.

When you get great temp staffing for the holidays, it can be a huge boost for your business – as long as you have a game plan in place. In part three of this three part series, Infinity Staffing wants to give you some tips on how to give your staff one final leg up before the big rush. handle the holidays at your business.

How To Make Sure Your Staff Is Ready For The Holiday Rush

1. Focus On Training 

Preparing both your permanent and temporary staff for the holiday rush is crucial. A well trained team can accomplish much more than people who aren’t sure what they are supposed to be doing.

Take time to train your staff properly – even if you know you won’t be keeping them long term – so that your business is well prepared.  

2. Set Up Your Staff Schedule 

Creating staff schedules can be quite a chore. Making sure it is done early and well will allow you to focus on other more pressing matters as the holidays move closer.

If you hate making schedules then try taking advantage of one of the many scheduling apps to make it an easier task.

3. Prepare Your Inventory 

To properly prepare your inventory you must:

  • Understand your stock
  • Communicate with any manufacturers 
  • Make an educated estimate for your demands
  • Make an emergency inventory budget

When you are well prepared with your inventory the holiday season will go much smoother.

4. Discuss Key Dates

Be aware of what some of your busiest or most important days are going to be and discuss them with staff from every level and department of your organization.

When everyone is aware of these times, dates, or events they will be able to better prepare, and you as a business will be better equipped.

5. Learn From Past Mistakes

Nothing teaches us quite like the past. You can look back at past years’ holiday seasons and make better decisions to improve your business. 

If in the past you haven’t hired early enough or you did not find good temporary staff, consider working with some of California’s best employment agencies like Infinity staffing. When you want excellent temp staffing, then working with a great staffing agency is a wise choice.

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Tips For Managing New Employees

When you are working with new employees it is important to work to establish a new team, even if it is temporary. You want them to feel welcome and a part of what is going on in the business. 

How you manage your employees, new, old and temporary is a very important part of running your company.

When you are managing new employees you can follow these tips:

  1. Have a one on one meeting with each new member to get to know them.
  2. Observe how the new employees and long term employees are functioning together.
  3. Determine how employees like to give and receive feedback.
  4. Lead by example.
  5. Establish clear and open communication.
  6. Determine roadblocks and then work to overcome them.

Leading may seem a daunting task at first, but when you follow these tips and lead your team with integrity, communication, and adaptability you’ll always succeed. 

How To Decide If Your Temp Staff Should Stay On Full Time

When you work with temp staffing you may come across some amazing people. It can be hard at times to choose who should stay on full time. 

Some of the best employment agencies will be giving you incredible candidates to choose from. 

While hiring temp staffing and then letting them go after your busy season is fine, you might as well take advantage of your new hires if you’re in need of longer term staff. 

Some things to consider when deciding if a temporary staff member should come on full time:

  1. Do they treat the job like it’s a long term position?
  2. Do their values and work ethic line up with the culture of the business?
  3. Are they a team player?
  4. Do they get along well with other staff and supervisors?
  5. Do they show professionalism?
  6. Do they show a desire to keep working for your business?
  7. Are you in need of more staff?
  8. Are you ready to hire?

Once you have answered each of these questions you can make an educated decision on whether you should make their position permanent.

How To Ensure Your Temp Staff Will Come Back Next Year

To be sure your temp staff comes back each holiday season make sure you treat them with respect and dignity. 

Pay your holiday staffing well and make sure they know they are a valued member of the team. When people feel valued and appreciated they will often return.

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