How To Elevate Your Small Business In 2021, Part 2

Mar 8, 2021Blog, Employee Hiring and Retention


Marketing is a huge factor in growing your business. Small businesses that are just getting started – or established businesses that are becoming stagnant – should take special care to evaluate and improve their marketing.

When you market successfully, you will get more customers, more income, and more growth as a business. 

California staffing agencies can make a huge difference in your business growth in 2021. Infinity Staffing wants your small business to thrive and be elevated this year. That is why we want to share with you some marketing tips and tricks.

Build A Strategy

Like most things in life, marketing will go much better when you have a well developed and thought out plan. 

Do your research and work with others in your business to come up with a 2021 marketing strategy that will help your small business grow.

A good business strategy is nothing more than identifying your main goal, and then working backwards to take steps that help you achieve that goal. 

Strategies are the first step and should be reevaluated and updated when needed. Things in the marketing and business world change fast, so doing a yearly evaluation will help you keep your business marketing strategy current. 

Make Sure To Tell Your Brand’s Story

Every brand has a story, and when told correctly this story can help your marketing take off. 

People love a good story and prefer to know more about the brands that they use. Think of various businesses you know. The ones you remember well likely have a good story behind them.

Build your brand and your brand’s story. Your marketing will be much more memorable and relevant. 

Like Splurge says,

“To build balance in branding, you need to consider your intention for your brand’s image, vision, and values, and how to convey that through your overall brand. 

These concepts should be conveyed through everything from your company’s logo, website, and product packaging, to your staff, signage, and customer experiences. 

Setting this uniform standard of quality and applying it across all aspects of your business will help to bring to life your company’s online marketing plan and overall marketing strategy.”

Growing Business

Grow Your Social Media Marketing

Nearly all of us use social media every day. Social media is a huge part of life and businesses can take advantage of the marketing opportunities that come along with social media.

The key to success in your social media marketing is to be active on it. If you rarely post or your posts are not interesting or well worded then you won’t be achieving much through social media marketing. 

However, if you take time and make a good online presence with quality posts that will interest your niche, then your social media marketing can make a big difference for your business.

When used correctly, social media can be one of the best ways to market your business.

Create An SEO Friendly Website 

SEO is an important factor in marketing. Ensuring that your website is SEO-friendly can be a game changer in your business’s marketing.

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, here are some things you should consider,

  • Create good-quality content on trending topics in your niche.
  • Do extensive keyword research before creating your website content.
  • Incorporate your primary keywords into all your website landing pages, titles, meta descriptions, etc.
  • Use structured data to get better SERP rankings for your web pages and make your SERP listings stand apart from others.
  • Focus more on local SEO and long-tail keywords.
  • Don’t forget to take care of technical SEO aspects like page-load speed and website design.”

If you don’t have an SEO-friendly website, make it a priority to move in that direction and soon! When you make your website SEO capable your marketing abilities will greatly improve.

Continually Work To Improve Your Customers Experiences 

Getting good reviews is becoming more and more important in our fast-paced, and technology-run world. The reviews customers give can make or break your business.

Because of this, excellent customer service is more important than ever for the success of a company. You need your customers to have a good experience, to come back again and again, and to share that good experience with others.

The customer’s experience, and word of mouth are a big component of marketing. Especially for small businesses that are hoping to grow. People typically often trust others’ reviews and are more likely to use your goods or services if someone recommended them, or if the reviews online are outstanding.

Prioritize customer service and always work to improve your customer’s overall experience with your company.

If you are struggling to get good staff to care for your customers then look into California staffing agencies. 

Staffing agencies can help you find amazing staff that will provide amazing customer service and helps add to your marketing skills.

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