A Guide to Working With a Staffing Agency

Aug 31, 2022Blog, Employee Hiring, Employee Training, Interviewing, Job Searching


Working with a staffing agency is a great way to try new career opportunities, gain experience, and more. With a staffing agency, you have the ability to try different jobs, see what works for you, and get started down a new career path. 

However, working with a staffing agency can be a little overwhelming for those who haven’t tried it before. Where do you go? Which jobs do you take? How does it work? Questions like these often deter people from working with a staffing agency. 

But working with a staffing agency is actually fairly simple, and it can be a great resource if you are looking for a new job or career. Staffing agencies actually make looking for a job even easier, which is partially why they are so valuable for those looking for jobs or careers. 

This blog will serve as a guide to working with a staffing agency, helping you through the process of working with a staffing agency, such as Infinity Staffing. So keep reading to learn more about how staffing agencies work, as well as the pros and cons of working for a staffing agency.

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How Do Staffing Agencies Work? 

First, let’s cover what a staffing agency is and how do staffing agencies work. A staffing agency is a company that maintains relationships with employers and looks for potential employees, often for shorter term work. To add, these work assignments can be short or long, and oftentimes they can turn into full-time work. 

A staffing agency finds people jobs by carefully looking at their resumes and finding the best fits possible. For example, if someone has a lot of experience in construction and maintenance work, the staffing agency will look for jobs that require similar skills. This allows them to find jobs that are a great fit for the employees, as well as find employees that will excel for employers.

Working with a staffing agency typically begins with submitting an application to the staffing agency, that way they can find the best matches for you. From there, you will have the ability to choose between different potential jobs. As mentioned before, these may be short or long term positions. 

If all goes well, you will end up working the job you chose until the contract is up. If the staffingagency made a good choice and you are a good fit, the company may decide to hire you as a full-time employee. 

Pros and Cons of Working for a Staffing Agency 

Even though staffing agencies may seem like they are entirely good, there are downsides to them as well. First though, let’s look at some of the pros. 

One pro of a staffing agency is the flexibility. You have the option to try many different jobs in the short-term until you find the right one. You do not have that kind of flexibility if you look for jobs on your own. 

Another pro is a staffing agency typically has relationships with many different employers, meaning there are tons of jobs that you could potentially try out. 

Lastly, you have a dedicated company trying to find the best jobs for you. They have years of experience finding matches between potential employees and employers. That is one of the best advantages of a staffing agency. 

Looking at the downsides, it can be hard sometimes to transfer into full-time work. Some companies simply aren’t looking for full-time employees, which can be frustrating. 

Working with a staffing agency also means that many of the jobs will likely pay lower than full-time work. While the potential is there to go full time, staffing employees are typically paid less than their full-time counterparts.