7 Solid Reasons Job Hopping Makes For A Great Employee

Mar 23, 2020Blog, Employee Hiring and Retention

The world is changing rapidly, and it’s getting less and less common for people to work the same job for 40 years anymore. 

In fact, studies show that most people actually switch up their job every few years or so. 

Many employers hesitate when they see the resume of a job hopper, because it sounds like the prospect has moved from job to job at a faster pace than what used to be considered normal.

But at Infinity Staffing, we would argue that there are a lot of very good reasons that highly capable people job hop – and many of these reasons could make them a great candidate for your company. 

Now, as a word of caution, you should always do some digging and make sure the candidate you’re considering doesn’t have a long history of getting fired for violating workplace policies. 

But once you’ve done some research, you may want to rethink how you view job hopping. Oftentimes these candidates have great qualities and experience that can make them excellent employees.

Today we will discuss 7 reasons hiring a job hopper could be a great choice for your business.

Job Hoppers May Have An Array Of Skills

Someone who has had a lot of jobs has most likely gained new skills from each place they have worked.

We all know how valuable multiple strengths are in the workplace.

Job hoppers build a variety of skills that they will bring into your company. These skills can greatly benefit the organization and you as their employer.

When you’re thinking about hiring a job hopper, the skills they have developed over their years of varied experiences could be worth it alone.

Job Hoppers Are Often Ambitious 

People who have ambition have a strong desire to achieve. They are determined and are often incredibly hard workers. 

That sounds like a pretty good employee, doesn’t it?

As Coburg Banks says,

“The most common type of job hopper is one who leaves for bigger and better things. 

Ambitious employees are much more likely to be enthusiastic about making a difference to your business”

So when you are considering who to give the job to, remember how ambitious and driven the typical job hopper is. These attributes make for a high contributing employee.

Job Hoppers Bring New Ideas

Ideas and concepts truly fuel businesses and companies. Having employees that can come up with amazing new ideas is so crucial for overall business growth.  

Another great quality that job hoppers often have is they are full of new ideas. 

Over the years of working at different organizations, they have developed the ability of brainstorming and creating new plans and ideas easily as they bring their array of experiences with them wherever they go.

A job hopper’s new ideas can really bring your business to the next level.

Job Hoppers Are Generally Adaptable 

Individuals who have worked at several different companies have learned how to roll with the punches, onboard quickly, and are very adaptable overall.

This is a huge asset.

As ZipRecruiter says,

“Changing jobs frequently gives a professional broader perspective of the challenges facing a number of different companies – and the strategies adopted to resolve them.”

Having employees who can always adjust and pivot quickly can make a big difference in your company’s success.

Job Hoppers Are More Willing To Take Risks

The fact that job hoppers have had a handful of jobs must mean they are not afraid to take risks to better themselves.

This is another great quality in an employee!

Having someone who is a risk taker on your team can be very beneficial. Who wants someone who is too afraid to make changes for the better, or to learn something new?  

Having a competitive risk taker can bring that spark your business needs. Job hoppers are almost always risk takers and this can make them a great addition to your company.

Job Hoppers Have Large Networks

Knowing the right people means everything in the business world. So why wouldn’t you want someone working for you who has created a big network over the years?

As Forbes says

“Job hoppers have larger networks than people who have stayed at the same job for years. That’s important for them, and a benefit to you.

 Our networks give us new ideas, moral support and connections to various communities. These are critical success factors for your employees and your organization as a whole. Don’t undervalue them!”

Job hoppers can open you and your company up to new opportunities through their connections. 

Job Hopping Is The New Way

Almost all millennials have admitted to not wanting to stay in one job for more than a few years. 

Because of this, our society’s view of job loyalty is quickly changing. 

If you avoid hiring a job hopper, you may be seriously missing out on some great talent. 

Plus, if you are determined to not hire people without a consistent work experience at one or two companies, it will get increasingly hard over the next decade for you to find staff. 

As times change, businesses need to change with them.

The best thing to do is embrace this new way and be grateful for all of the great qualities that job hoppers will bring to the table.

If your business needs help finding great staff, we would love to help! Contact us at Infinity Staffing today!

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