How To Hire The Best Staffing Staff This Summer

May 28, 2021Blog, Employee Hiring


Is your business extra busy in the summertime?

Are you stressed about once again searching for temporary staffing?

Many businesses have the need to hire temporary staffing in the summer. When this is not handled properly it can become difficult and add a lot of extra stress.

When you plan ahead and have an idea of what you need and how you are going to go about it, finding the staff is quick and painless.

Infinity Staffing knows that businesses are already incredibly busy, and we want to help make hiring temporary staff easy.

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Determine What Your Needs Are

The first step to acquiring staffing is to determine the needs of your business. You have to have a clear picture of what you want before you can begin looking for staff.

Decide beforehand how many additional people you need to hire, and what their job title will be.

If you have a board or a team, you can work together to make these decisions about your hiring needs.

A temporary worker needs to be adaptable and have the skills you need to fill the role. Discuss your expectations and what type of person you are hoping to hire.

Temp Agency

staffingWrite A Great Job Description

When you are hiring temporary staff it is important that you have a clear job description. You need to be certain of what you expect from them, and they need to know what the job will entail. 

Indeed says that it is important to give a clear job description if you want to have a successful hiring process. 

A well-written job description will help you attract more candidates to choose from. As well as give those you hire a clear picture of the work they will do.

If your job description is sloppy you may have a difficult time finding good candidates and have a harder time hiring.

Take your time to write a precise and excellent job description that clearly states the expectations of the job at hand. 

Prepare For The Interview Process

When you are hiring temporary staff it is still important to thoroughly interview each candidate. 

Once you know the type of person you want to hire and consider the quality of fit, write down questions that will help you determine the best person for the job.

Your team or board can go over these questions are make sure they exemplify what you are looking for.

Then make sure you hold professional interviews where you can get a chance to know each potential employee. Hold a follow-up interview for your top choices if necessary. 

Work with a staffing agency for the opportunity to avoid doing the interviews yourself.

Have A List Of Go To Seasonal Workers

Do you need temporary staff a few times a year when things get busy or certain projects need to be done?

If so, it is a wise choice to develop good relationships with the staffing that you hire seasonally and see if they have a desire to come back whenever you need seasonal workers. 

Create a list of temporary staff that you can call whenever you need more workers. If you do this you can remove some of the stress involved with hiring temporary staff.

Plus they will already be well known and have a good idea of what the job entails. This list may be difficult to keep up to date and well-stocked but it can be a real resource.

Hire College Students Who Are On Break

College students are typically on a long break over the summer. Many of them are looking for temporary work to get some extra cash and gain experience.

Depending on what your needs are, college students may be the perfect temporary staff for your business.

You may be able to advertise right through the college, and quickly find the temporary workers you are in need of. 

College students may lack experience at times, but many are ready and willing to learn and work hard.

If you need more skilled or experienced workers then you may want to try a staffing agency instead.

Work With A Staffing Agency 

Staffing agencies are the best place to find seasonal workers. They will match you with people who have the right qualifications and skills. 

When you work with a staffing agency you take all of the stress and work out of hiring seasonal staff. 

Working with a staffing agency will give you excellent employees who will greatly benefit your business.

There are many employment agencies in California that can help you locate the right people for the job. Make sure to find an excellent staffing agency with good reviews.

Infinity Staffing is a pristine staffing agency that is well known for its high quality service and excellent job matches.

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