What Career is Right For Me?

Mar 30, 2018Blog, Job Searching

“What career is right for me?”

This question feels difficult. It’s existential.

We’re told from a young age that who we are is what we do. When we were doe-eyed children, it was easy to blurt out “doctor” or “lawyer”. As we age, the choice feels permanent. We feel that making the wrong decision is expensive. Not only will it cost money, we feel like we’re wasting time we can’t get back.

This throws people into an analysis paralysis — too anxious to advance, but feeling damned if they do.

But really, you don’t need to answer immediately if you’re not ready. People find their purpose at a different times and ages. Some people find multiple purposes during their lifetime. Don’t let seeing your friends move on from the question put more pressure to you than necessary. Often, even if they appear content for many years, they don’t stop asking the question. Nobody relinquishes the possibilities that may still await them.

We, as a society, built the question to be unnecessarily difficult.

If you’re asking the question “what career is right for me”, you’re already on the right path. Because at this point, you don’t need to settle for an answer. You need to ask some questions.

Open a notepad. We’ll try to ask some questions right now:

How Do I Know What Career Is Right For Me?


List down work that you have the skill for. Rate your skill from one to ten. How well do you fare?

Thought about adding some silly skills that you have? It might not be as silly as you think. Someone might pay for it.

You might feel as if you’ve come up short or deficient if you’re fresh out of school. That’s not a problem. Unlike some of the questions we’ll ask today, this is something you can change. You can enroll in classes, practice your skill, or sign up for an internship. If you want to do better at a skill, you can always work on it.



Have you ever found it difficult to sleep over another exciting idea you had about something?

Have you obsessed about something that time pass by like it’s nothing?

Have you ever made the time to do something with no real sense of urgency over it?

These are all signs that you are passionate about something. If you smile thinking about something you do that makes you feel this way, write them down. Yes, even the silly ones.

It’s not often that we come across something that we’re truly passionate about. However, contrary to popular belief, you can try to build your passions. By immersing yourself in a subject matter and choosing to stick by it, you might find yourself one day being passionate about it — especially if you end up being good with it.

Let’s leave the area of introspection. For the next couple of questions, we’re going to try and see how the world relates to us.



First, you need to understand that money is still important, although it isn’t everything. Sustainability is underrated. You need to be smart about your choices so you don’t cheat yourself out of a truly fulfilling life.

A job marketplace is called as such for a reason. There’s a law of supply and demand. You need to identify which careers have high demand and low supply. These are the things that will give you the most money. However, you can choose to settle for a low pay. Granted, you should decide on something at least somewhat sustainable.

The lists you’ve made earlier? Place a dollar sign for every item the world will pay for. Place a double asterisk if it’s an item that would pay the most.



You need to decide on a career that the world needs. Think about this deeply. It’s different from service or products the world will pay for — a lot of people will pay for stuff they don’t need. Rather, this requires a profound understanding of the world. You could ask for a professional opinion about this one, or you can expand your mind by learning more about the world.

On your list, place a star for every item that the world needs.


Now, check your list.

Which items mark as both sustainable and that you’re skillful at?

Any career in this area will feel like a job. It might feel grueling, unimportant, or uninspiring. But otherwise, it’s a safe choice and a good start. You might be able to develop a passion for it as you commit to it. You just have to work really hard to get it.

Which items mark as both sustainable and that you’re passionate about?

The good news is — you can still develop your skill on it. You can try to learn more and improve if you choose to. It will take time, but it will be worth it. A word of caution: Some passions dissolve as you inject real hard work on it. There’s a risk to be turned off from your passion.

Which items mark as both significant to the world and that you’re skillful at? Are there any items that mark as both significant and that you’re passionate about? How about both? Are there any items where you’re both skillful at and passionate about, but nothing concerning the world?

Without money to support your action, we cannot recommend them as careers. Infinity Staffing values sustainability. However, we recommend that you pursue these items as hobbies or vocations. The world needs active agents, and you’re more than welcome to participate.

Are there items that you are skillful at, passionate about, AND sustainable? These are great choices for a career! You will find satisfaction in your work — well -compensated, highly-competent, and highly-motivated. Start looking for opportunities in these areas.

Lastly, if there are items that are similar to above BUT it’s also something the world needs. Practice that instead. You wouldn’t only find satisfaction. You would also find your purpose. Congratulations!

Important: Keep An Open Mind

We ask these questions to find answers. However, these answers don’t have to be final. They are guides to your enterprise. Keep yourself open to change. Life is an experience, so experience life.

The bottom line is don’t knock it ‘til you tried it. You might discover a newfound passion, skill, hobby, vocation, satisfaction, or purpose. You should enable yourself to explore these avenues, especially if you’re young. These choices don’t need to be permanent, unlike what we’ve been told. You don’t have to anchor your identity if you haven’t found yourself.

The best way to proceed is to apply for part-time or contingent work on a short-term basis. This is called temp work. Temp work is best acquired through temp agencies like Infinity Staffing.

Click here to start your journey.

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