Understanding The Growth Of Staffing Services In The Company

Mar 13, 2019Blog, Employee Hiring

Nowadays, temp services are on the rise as employers need to increase hiring or fill in positions due to unforeseen circumstances.

Employers are more than open to hiring temporary workers and then offering them permanent full-time positions in their company.

Having a temporary service for your company is a great solution to meet your market demand, especially when you only need skilled workers for a short period of time. The temp service connects employers that have vacant positions with people who are looking for a temporary job that could potentially turn into a permanent one in the long term.

Here are the benefits of having temporary services:

Keeps Staffing Levels Balanced

A temporary staffing service is the best way to avoid both being understaffed or overstaffed. If your current employees are on leave or quit for whatever reason, having temporary services can help fill any roles you need quickly.

On the other hand, being overstaffed can be extremely detrimental to your business’s financial wellness. Temp services help you avoid this situation, bringing in temporary employees only when more hands are needed on deck.

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Increases Employee Productivity

A company must have an ample amount of employees to operate effectively. If the company is understaffed, your employees will most likely become overworked. This increased workload causes missed deadlines, high-stress levels, and disrupted business operations. Employee burnout and turnover rate skyrocket, as a direct result of the excessive stress placed on your staff.

It’s always good to have the help of temp services to fill in any vacancies or open new positions for whatever reason. Adding more temporary staff to your team can help manage employee workloads and provide the manpower needed to run the business efficiently.

Your staff will be happier in the long run, increasing productivity, and they will be able to focus on valuing quality work over quantity.

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Saves You Money

When hiring temporary workers to your company, you will not be required to pay for their benefits, insurance, or retirement plans. This is extremely friendly to your finances as most of these benefits are very costly and add up over time.

You will save a significant amount of money by choosing to hire temporary staff, maximizing your company’s profits.

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Saves Time (Which Is Money!)

A temp agency will take over the in-house recruitment processes, relieving the human resources department within your company of their hiring duties. This can save you money in human resource employees’ wages if they are paid hourly.

Additionally, your in-house human resources staff can direct their attention towards more important issues inside your company. With more time, they can focus on higher level tasks such as strategic planning or managing the full-time employees, as opposed to multiple cycles of recruitment.

Temp agency services will take care of all the hiring, paperwork, and payroll.

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Helps You Find the Right Employees

When you hire temporary workers, you are at an advantage to find the perfect employee for your company. A temporary contract is a great trial period to evaluate what a worker can accomplish in a specific period of time. Having them on a set time agreement allows you to observe how they perform in the role and if they fit your company culture.

If they thrive in the position and you like what they bring to your team, you can decide to hire them as full-time employees after their temporary contract ends. No need to worry about the risk of investing copious amounts of time and money in training and developing a new hire, only to have them quit the job.

You can now feel safe hiring full-time employees since they have already proven their worth and ability to deliver results.

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Temporary Workers Are Quick Learners and Experts

As temporary workers move from one workplace to another they gather different experiences. This makes learning new tasks easier for them, compared to a normal individual that is not familiar with temp work.

Temps experience less of a learning curve, which means they will be able to get up to speed with work in less time. Temporary workers can also be experts in specific concentrations.

They may even be more knowledgeable than your current employee base, making them a helpful addition to your team.

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These are just a few benefits of hiring temp services for your company. You may never know when you might need their help!


Here at Infinity Staffing, we make sure that all of the temporary employees we hire for your company are well educated through our extensive employee training and are the right fit for your needs.
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