The Ultimate Guide To Landing Your Dream Job During A Pandemic: Part 2

Nov 9, 2020Blog, Interviewing, Job Searching


2020 has been a year like no other. With it, we have had to adapt and learn how to navigate our way through some ever changing circumstances.

How we go about job searches and interviews has also changed, with more and more being done online or over the phone to avoid unnecessary contact.

If you are a job seeker, it’s critical that you adapt and learn the best ways to go about a job search and interview during the global health crisis. 

Today, Infinity Staffing (a California agency for finding jobs) wants to give you some advice on navigating the job market and landing your dream job during COVID-19.

How To Navigate The Job Market During A Pandemic

Throughout this time it is important to be able to adjust to how the job market is functioning. Keep the following information in mind as you work your way through the job market – and don’t be afraid to get a little help from the best recruitment agencies in California. 

Keep Your Your Online Profile Updated

If you have online job profiles on websites such as LinkedIn then you must keep your profile up to date. Make sure that it is clear, concise, relevant, and updated. 

Online profiles have become more common in recent years, however during the pandemic they have become an even more important platform for connecting job candidates with employers. 

Take Advantage Of Online Job Search Sites

Online resources are going to be a great asset in your job search. In addition to Infinity’s job postings, you can try Indeed, LinkedIn, Handshake, and Glassdoor for job opportunities.

Be Prepared For The Hiring Process To Take Much Longer Than Usual

Be prepared to be patient! Everything takes longer in this season in our world. Try to relax a little and find comfort that you are not alone in your pandemic job search. 

Accept That You May Have To Apply To A lot More Places

Depending on the type of work you do, if you only had to apply to 2 or 3 places before being hired in the past, then try to accept the fact that during the pandemic you may have to apply to 5, 6, or more places before being hired.

Consider Temp Work

If you are becoming tired of the job search, or you are just interested in trying something different, you can always try temp work through a staffing agency.

One of the best recruitment agencies is Infinity Staffing – our agency for finding jobs is great at helping you find both temporary and permanent job positions. Infinity Staffing can also help you get part-time, full time, and direct placement employment.

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Tips On Video Call Interviews 

During COVID-19, a majority of interviews will be done over video calls. You must learn how to successfully interview over a video call. If you master this, you will be a step closer to getting your dream job.

Dress Professionally 

Keep it professional! Dress how you would if you were going into the office for an interview. You want to make a great first impression and dressing to impress is an important part of that. 

Be Sure To Go Somewhere With Excellent Internet Connection

Losing connection in the middle of your interview would not make a good impression. If you want to give yourself a chance to succeed make sure you plan and pick a place that has great internet connection. 

Choose A Professional And Quiet Environment

If you have a busy or noisy home try to leave your house and find a quiet place to have your interview. An environment such as a small coffee shop or a library would be ideal.

If leaving your house for the interview is not an option, or if you have a home office, you can stay home. Just communicate with your family and try to create a professional and quiet atmosphere.

Look Into The Camera 

Make sure to look into the camera during your interview. You don’t want to be staring at yourself or somewhere else in the room. 

Show confidence by looking right at the camera. This is a good way to impress your interviewer.

Speak Clearly  

Be concise in the volume of your speech and how you enunciate. Speak up, without yelling, and work to make sure each word can be heard. Make sure your interviewer can understand you fully.

Use A Laptop or Computer That Is Fully Charged

Charge your computer before your interview, and have your charger right by you. This way you can avoid the great dilemma of your interview ending because of your computer dying. 

Navigating the job market isn’t easy during a pandemic, but with a little effort and the right resources, it’s totally possible to land your dream job – even now. 

For more help finding a job during COVID -19 click here to contact Infinity Staffing today!