The Ultimate Guide To Landing Your Dream Job During A Pandemic: Part 1

Oct 19, 2020Blog, Job Searching


This has been a hard year for just about everyone. Emotionally, mentally, practically, and financially. 

Thousands of people have experienced layoffs or job losses during the pandemic. Others had just graduated and began their job search, only to have the world shut down for months.

If you are one of these people who feels at a loss while trying to find a job or build a career during the pandemic… Don’t stress! Infinity staffing is here to give you some hope, and show you how to land your dream job even during a global health crisis.

Step 1: Identify Your Interest Areas 

Before you can land your dream job you need to know what you are interested in. Ask yourself what you want in a career and what you want to be doing every day. 

If you just graduated this will hopefully be something you have been thoughtfully considering throughout your education. Now that you are in the real world begin to look for jobs in your interest areas that go well with your degree. 

If you have lost your job recently, the first thing you should do is reevaluate what you want. Did you enjoy what you did? What are your interests? What careers are you drawn to?

If you loved what you did, great! You can look for a similar job. If not, then now is the time to discover what you will enjoy. Do some soul searching and then look into jobs that you think go well with your areas of interest. 

Obviously, not everyone is going to love every minute of their work. However, it is something you are going to do almost every day for years so you should enjoy it!

There are some tools out there online that can help you discover what careers might be a good choice for you. 

Click here for Skill Matcher.

Step 2: Learn Some New Skills 

What better time to learn new skills than during the pandemic layoffs and closures? For many people, life is moving a bit slower these days. Take advantage of the extra time to learn new skills that will make you more desirable to employers.

Here are some valuable skills according to Indeed,

“Many valuable skills work together and can increase your success in your career. The following are examples of in-demand job skills that are beneficial across occupations:

  • Communication skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Social media and computer skills
  • Learning skills
  • Personal management and organization skills
  • Interpersonal skills


You can work on these skills yourself or sign up for classes or training. Throughout your life and career, you should always be working to better yourself. Continually adding more tools to your tool pouch.

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Step 3: Update Your Resume With Help From A Staffing Agency Near Me

If you were at your old job for a long time, chances are that your resume needs some freshening up. Resumes should be updated and re-evaluated every few years as the world changes. 

Take this opportunity to give your resume an overhaul. Make sure to take your time and make it with excellence. Your resume is the first thing your potential employer will see so you want to make sure it is clear, concise, and well written 

If you need help with your resume, a staffing agency near you can help! We are a great temp agency near Morgan Hill. And, there are also some online resources that you can find to help you make a great resume. 

Step 4: Prepare For Interviews

Interviews are a big part of the hiring process so it is important to have interview skills. If you have struggled with interviews in the past, it’s been a while, or you have never had an interview before, it is essential that you take the time to learn how to interview like a pro.

You can read about interview tips, do mock interviews with a friend, practice your handshake, and work on being calm and collected. 

There are also some great online resources to help you slay your interview. If you want to be sure you have the interview process down you can look up “ staffing agency near me” and practice your interview skills with professionals. 

Step 5: Expand Your Network 

Another way to help you on your way to finding your dream job is by growing your network. A larger network means more connections and opportunities. 

You can expand your network by reaching out to old college alumni or work colleagues, going to networking events, volunteering, attending trade meetings, or even expanding your professional social connections on Facebook and LinkedIn.

In whatever way you go about it, expanding your network is a great way to help you land your dream job. 

Step 6: Look Into Staffing Agencies Near You

Staffing agencies are a great resource when finding a job! You can research “staffing agencies near me” and find the perfect one to work with. There are some temp agencies in Morgan Hill – like us! – that could be incredibly helpful in your search for your dream job. 

For help finding your dream job click here to contact Infinity Staffing today!