Search online for job openings near me and you will find plenty of listings for seasonal jobs. As the final leg of the year rolls in, retailers are looking to beef up their regular workforce in anticipation of the increase in the volume of customers who are doing their holiday shopping.

“But it’s not just retailers who benefit from these jobs. If you have been unsuccessful in your job hunting in recent months, a seasonal job can help you bridge the gap between unemployment and employment.”

With the flexible scheduling, you can earn more while retaining your current job. You can also use a seasonal job to earn experience and acquire new skills that you can use when applying for a job with a more permanent nature.

Another benefit that is sometimes overlooked is the opportunity to turn a temp job into a full-time job opportunity. With one foot firmly planted into the proverbial door, you have a high chance of leveraging seasonal employment into a full-time job. In fact, roughly 25 percent of retailers say that they give full-time positions for their temporary staff.

How can you take advantage of seasonal jobs and their benefits?

Keep a positive attitude

During your employment, you will encounter a diverse array of co-workers, each with their different reasons for taking their job as well as different attitudes. These include those who may have a negative attitude about the work they are doing.

For your part, try to put on a positive attitude. This can help set you apart from your co-workers because managers and customers often remember those who are personable.

Establish a connection

Due to the temporary nature of your employment, your co-workers may not be keen on making lasting professional relationships. In their mind, this will be another job and then they’ll move on to the next one.

If you wish to become a permanent member of the organization, you have to reach out to your fellow employees, offer help and ask for ways to improve your work. Ditto with managers; your manager may have grown accustomed to people coming and going and it is your task to differentiate and position yourself as someone who can fill in a more permanent role.

Treat it like a full-time job

Another way to differentiate yourself from your co-workers is to treat your seasonal employment as if it were any other full-time job.

That means coming in earlier than your co-workers, filling in for those who call in sick, being willing to work another shift, and having a solid work ethic.

Be straightforward

They won’t know your intentions if you do not speak. Early on, talk to the management about your interest in becoming a permanent member of the organization.

Do not wait until your contract is about to end. Use your previous successes to make a case for your permanent employment in the company.

Now that you have learned how to turn Seasonal Jobs into permanent job opportunites, click here to see what perfect job is waiting for you!