7 Seasonal Jobs That Will Strengthen Your Work Skills

Nov 20, 2019Blog, Resume Building

Seasonal jobs can get a bad reputation, and a lot of people think a temporary position isn’t worth their time or effort. 

But at Infinity, we think seasonal jobs are one of the most underutilized ways of expanding your job skills in existence!

According to Glassdoor, there are 14 “must have” skills that businesses look for in their entry level positions. 

If you have limited job experience, or are just interested in switching careers, it’s critical that you can compete with other candidates who have great job skills.

But if you go to school, or work full time, it can be challenging to find the time and the proper training needed to help you strengthen your work skills. 

That’s why a seasonal job can be the perfect solution. 

Not only does a seasonal job allow you to make a little extra money around the holidays, but you can also dabble in industries that you may not be used to. 

As you commit to working for a short time, you can learn new valuable skills, add extra references and experience to your resume, and you may even open up the door to a whole new career for yourself.

Today we’ve compiled a list of 7 seasonal jobs that will strengthen your work skills, and that are in high demand around the holiday season.

1. Retail Worker

Big box stores like Target, Walmart, and Kohls are always hiring around the holidays. 

Depending on your availability and your experience you can work as a cashier, a stock person, or a customer service representative. 

It’s not uncommon for large chains to keep seasonal workers on after the holidays, and if your performance is exceptional, many cashiers can work their way up to managerial positions. 

And if big chains aren’t your thing, check out local small businesses in your area. Anyone selling clothing, gifts, or food items will likely need help keeping up with the holiday demand. 

2. Event Coordinator or Assistant

Holiday parties are in full swing right now, and many event planning companies are seeking extra help as they scramble to keep up. 

By working as an events coordinator or assistant, you will learn how to plan, set up, and host parties and events for all kinds of gatherings. 

This is a great option for those who love being both social and are naturally organized!

3. Customer Service Representative

Beyond the customer service workers needed at retail stores, many call centers also experience an increase in business this time of year and need extra representatives to man their phones. 

Depending on the company, you may gain great sales experience at a call center in addition to concise communication skills. 

4. Delivery Driver

Shipping companies generally get a huge spike in sales this time of year, so if you’re reliable and have a clean driving record this could be a perfect gig for you. 

Driving delivery seasonally can also open up a lot of other related jobs for you down the road, and it’s usually one of the better paying seasonal jobs around!

5. Warehouse Worker

Large companies that need to package and ship goods (think Amazon) have warehouses all across the country that need big time help during the holiday season. 

If you don’t mind a fast paced environment and you’re fairly organized, the processes you’ll learn here will look great on your resume and can even open up into team management positions. 

6. Catering Assistant

Similar to the events industry, catering companies are especially busy during the holidays. 

If you like cooking, baking, or even serving food this can be a great opportunity and open plenty of future doors for you in the food and drink service industry. 

7. Photographers

While this kind of seasonal job does require some degree of skill and possibly equipment, the holidays are a great time to turn an existing hobby into an income stream.

According to The Job Network, 

“Individual stores, malls, and events hire photographers every year to capture the holiday merriment for posterity. 

Seasonal photographers and assistants are responsible for taking photographs, taking orders, and potentially developing/editing photos as well.”

And if you don’t feel comfortable in a retail setting, you can always offer to take photos for friends, family, and co-workers on the side. 

Photographers are in high demand as family Christmas cards start to go out. 

While this list covers some different common seasonal jobs, and explains how each can help expand your knowledge base, it’s certainly not all inclusive.  

We encourage you to take a look and see which companies are hiring seasonally and give one a try – you never know where it will lead.

And if you would like help finding the perfect seasonal job today, contact us at Infinity Staffing today!