You will be the luckiest person on earth when you manage to get a job that doesn’t feel like a job. It wouldn’t feel like a job because you will love every minute of it. You will look forward to waking up every day and doing whatever is required of your work. You will do it not only because it pays the bills. You will do it because it gives you great fulfillment.

Before you get to experience all of that, you first need to land that dream job. And aside from getting the appropriate education and training for it, you will need to master these top five job interview tips.

  1. Know the questions beforehand. All job interviews share similar questions. From the traditional, “Tell me about yourself” to the challenging, “What is your weakness,” you will have an idea of what the hiring director or human resources manager might ask you. So prepare your answers. And practice saying them in front of a mirror, up until the words feel natural.
  2. Be an “authority” on your potential employer. Nothing turns off a potential employer than applicants who have no idea about the company. Yes, you have sent out hundreds of CVs to hundreds of companies, but keep track of your submissions. Because once you get that call, you want to be able to impress the company by knowing a lot about it.
  3. Come up with a compelling story about yourself. Every applicant is bound to go through a dull and detailed account of themselves—from their education to their job experiences. Surprise the interviewer by giving a more compelling story of your life—in condensed form, of course. Touch on specific points that highlight your skills, which are perfect for the position, and your character, which is suitable for the company culture.
  4. Arrive on time, bring a hard copy of your CV, and always be professional. You might even want to come ahead of your schedule so you can be more composed when your name is called. Even for companies that have a casual environment, you will still want to dress professionally. And never speak ill of past employers. That is a red flag for companies.
  5. Prepare your own questions. Finally, as the interview ends, your potential employer may inquire if you have questions for him or her. Take that opportunity to showcase your capabilities for the job even further. Ask the interviewer if you have given him or her any reason to think you might not be qualified for the job. This disarms the interviewer and highlights your willingness to take feedback.

You can also get more information about the job and the company. Ask about the usual challenges with the job and what the company expects. With the right set of questions, you are bound to get your dream job.