Where to Find Seasonal Jobs And How To Get Hired?

Sep 16, 2019Blog, Job Searching

If you’re in need of some extra cash for the holidays this year, a seasonal job might be the perfect fit for you. 

Not only do seasonal jobs provide you with an extra income stream, they can also expand your resume and in some cases, even open up into a full time employment opportunity you would have never had otherwise.

Today we will teach you how to find – and land – a seasonal job that’s a perfect fit for you. 

Start Early

If you want a seasonal job the best thing you can do is start looking for a position well before the season starts. 

According to Snag A Job, 

“Although there are always a good number of seasonal jobs up for grabs, don’t wait until December to start looking for one or you may get stuck shoveling driveways for spare change. 

The holiday season starts after Halloween and goes through New Year’s, so be on the lookout by early September for seasonal job ads.” 

Most businesses looking for seasonal employees start their search in the early fall. 

And if you start applying early in the season, you’ll have more options and be more likely to land a job you love without having to settle for a low paying position.

Where To Look 

During the holidays, you can always count on two industries to be hiring extra help…

The restaurant industry and the retail industry.

According to flex jobs, “Seasonal hiring is coming into full swing as employers gear up in preparation for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the fall sports season. 

The retail industry can be one of the most fertile sectors to focus your search, as they gear up for holiday shoppers, both in stores and online.”

For retail options think clothing stores, toy stores, shoe stores, and other various specialty shops. 

And while people are out and about doing all of their holiday shopping, the restaurant industry also typically picks up pace. 

Companies are booking catering for their events and hosting big holiday parties, which means restaurants, bars, and catering services are booming this time of year. 

And because most people are feeling extra charitable around the holidays, tips are typically better in the fall and winter months.

In addition to shops and restaurants, there are other industries in your area that also may be in need of seasonal workers. 

If the restaurant or retail industry isn’t what you’re looking for, try some of these other seasonal options instead: 

  • FedEx, Amazon, or UPS

These companies typically hire between 50,000 and 100,000 seasonal positions each year for package sorters, loaders, and drivers as the mail starts to pick up pace. 

Some roles need very little prior skills and experience, while loading positions require some physical demands, and drivers will need to meet certain qualifications. 

  • Winter Attractions 

Places like skating rinks, ski resorts, or holiday themed attractions also typically need extra help during the winter months. 

If your area has indoor recreation centers, they are also likely busier during the winter months and may need extra help as well.

  • Party, Decor, And Costume Stores

From early October right through New Years, party stores see an increase in business as people celebrate a new holiday each month. 

Apply to these places in early autumn if you want the best chance of landing a position.

  • Gift Wrapping

Most shopping malls offer seasonal gift wrapping services, and many retail warehouses need attendants to help wrap their products before shipping them out. 

If you enjoy making packages pretty, this could be the perfect fit for you.

  • Child Care

As parents are out and about doing their holiday shopping and attending business parties, the demand for good child care providers increases. 

If you enjoy nannying and can provide good references, being a seasonal child care provider is a flexible and fulfilling way to make some extra cash. 

  • Customer Service Representative

Call centers see an increase in sales volume this time of year, and they need customer service representatives to help them make sales and handle questions and concerns in a professional manner. 

Most call centers don’t require prior experience, and they are happy to train you for the position on the job. As an added bonus, having experience in customer service and sales always looks great on your resume. 

No matter your reasoning, taking on a seasonal job in 2019 is a sound financial…and a sound career…decision. 

According to Motley Fool, “This year offers opportunities that may not happen again. 

Companies have more openings than there are available workers to fill them and that gives potential seasonal employees strong leverage. 

Take advantage and use the strong employment market to advance your career or at least give yourself a chance to experience something new while earning some cash.”

In closing, we encourage you to get out there now and start applying for seasonal work. You never know – a seasonal job could open up doors for you that you never thought were possible. 

If you’d like help finding the perfect seasonal job, contact us today at Infinity Staffing.