Wondering what to wear for an interview? You have finally managed to secure interviews at a few of the companies you have applied for. Perhaps, you are looking for interview tips to help you look sharp and appealing to the people conducting the interview. One key area that you should not forget is about what to wear for an interview.

Like it or not, how you look during an interview counts and can spell the difference between rejection and a job offer. It may seem superficial, but looking your best matters because the interviewers know practically nothing about you except the information you have provided in your resume.

During this first interaction, the company’s personnel are trying to determine whether you will be a good fit for the organization.

“Your goal, then, is to achieve a fine balance between standing out and fitting in.”

Here are some tips on what to wear for an Interview

How do you achieve that? Is it always better to be overdressed? Here are some guidelines based on the job you are applying for.

Creative industry

If you are applying for a creative job, like a writer, editor, graphic designer, or photographer, one misconception you should avoid is trying to show your personality through your clothing.

Avoid wearing anything that is too trendy. Instead, try to lower things one notch below and put a premium on comfort. You can’t go wrong with black pants or dark denim and closed toed shoes. Try to keep accessories to a minimum.

Client-based job

If you are applying for a job in a law, real estate, public relations, advertising, or marketing firm, you should try to keep things clean and simple.

 Be well-groomed and avoid wearing a strong perfume. Wear a nice but simple blazer which you can use to dress up a simple top paired with well-cut pants. Keep your palette conservative.

Fashion industry

Do not make the mistake of trying to look edgy or trendy. The rule of thumb to follow here is to look presentable and stylish.

You can achieve this by wearing simple clothes paired with great accessories like stylish shoes and modern jewelry which should reflect your aesthetics.

Finance sector

This sector puts a premium on being conservative and professional.

Your best option here is to wear dark suits paired with soft-colored tops and simple accessories. As much as possible, avoid wearing anything too loud which unnecessarily draws attention to you.

Tech jobs and startups

Most startups and tech companies employ young people. Here, you would like to differentiate yourself by avoiding being overdressed.

If possible, check out what employees wear and dress a notch higher. Avoid wearing suits and instead wear dark denim or a stylish shirt paired with a button down or a simple blouse.

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