2022 Unemployment Rate In California

Mar 8, 2022Blog, Employee Hiring and Retention, Unemployment in CA


At the time of this writing, the unemployment rate in California is 6.5%, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

California’s unemployment rate is the highest in the nation, with Nevada, New Jersey, and New York trickling closely behind.

While the 6.5% rate is significantly lower than California’s early pandemic numbers (16% in April of 2020), the percentage of people unemployed in the state is still over 2% higher than it was in 2019.

If you’re struggling to find a job in 2022, or wondering why the economy in California isn’t what it once was, read on as we explain the high unemployment rate in California…and how you can find employment in this current climate.

Why Is The Unemployment Rate So High In California?

The Golden State is known as a place of leisure, recreation, and laid-back vibes. Our sunny, pleasant year-round climate makes California a perfect place to tour wine country, take a beachside vacation, or visit a national park.

But in the wake of a recession or a pandemic, states with high hospitality and leisure sectors always lag behind when it comes to bouncing back. Hotels, restaurants, tourism, and recreation simply aren’t a priority when the world is afraid to travel, is restricted on where they can go, and doesn’t have the funds to spend on entertainment in the first place.

And when a large part of the California state economy relies heavily on these hospitality and recreational businesses to keep things afloat, it’s no wonder we still find ourselves struggling to get ahead.

Are There Any Sectors Growing In California?

While many people who have worked in the hospitality sector are still struggling to find stable work, there are other sectors that are indeed growing in the state.

Personal care aids, nurse anesthetists, solar panel installation experts, and information security analyst careers are all on the uptick. 

While many professional careers such as these require a continued education, there’s always the possibility of on-the-job training, equivalent work experience, or entry-level positions in some of these fields.

And thanks to extended learning opportunity grants passed in 2021, it may be possible to get assistance while you pursue continued education.


Unemployment Rate & Career Options

What Do I Do

If I Need Work Now?

Finding yourself unemployed in California can feel overwhelming. The good news is, across the state, the economy has bounced back significantly faster already than it did in the 2008 recession.

If you’re out of work, it may be time for a career pivot. Be open-minded about the types of jobs you’re willing to explore. A new career can feel scary and overwhelming, but facing your apprehensions with an open mind could truly be what you need to level up and experience job security again.

Now is a great time to brush up on your resume and practice for interviews. It also could be a sound decision to explore temp jobs – or temp-to-hire positions – so you can get some funds flowing fast while you also gain valuable new skills.



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