Top 11 Reasons Why Holiday Employment Is Difficult

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Some companies are open to seasonal hiring, especially in retail businesses but apart from this, there is also a high-demand of seasonal workers and temporary hiring on industries like restaurants, travel, event planning, and e-commerce.

If you’re planning on landing a job this season, it might be harder than you think. Surely, companies don’t stop during the holidays but they are not very keen to the idea of hiring during this season.

Many people think of this as the Holiday Hiring Freeze, but is it really a myth? Holiday employment has its good and bad sides, but let’s discuss why it’s going to be difficult for you.


Company Hiring On Hold Until January

Let’s start with a simple reason. Everyone is celebrating the holidays, even the people in the office.

The Human Resource Departments are probably more focused on planning their events than looking for a person to hire. Very little gets done between Thanksgiving and New Years.

Some companies put all hiring and recruitments on hold until after the first month of the year.

A Different Career Path

Because there are specific industries that do seasonal hiring, you may resort to a different job or career when you apply within this month. New jobs for each day may also drop because only a few and specific companies hire seasonal workers.

Missing Applicants

Companies believe that applications are pretty slow during the holiday season because this has been how things were for a long time, hence, they will not invest in trying to hire more people into the company. Why? Because it takes time!


Busy Schedule

Human resource departments are piled up on their year-end plans and may push the hiring until the end of January the next year. This may also cause problems during onboarding because they will most likely ask the applicant to go to work months after the job offer rather than putting them on the job sooner.


Temporary Jobs

Hiring during the holidays is most inclined to seasonal jobs. That means you will only work during the season or until your service is no longer needed.


Laying Off Of Workforce After The Holidays

Just like at number five, your job is temporary and they only need you for the holidays. Once the job is done and the demand is back to normal, they will most likely lay off of the workforce they got during the season and go back to the normal hiring process and hire for the regular applicants.

Some companies who are in demand during the season will allow a fund only for this quarter on hiring seasonal workers, but that does not always mean they are always available for holiday applications.


You may be wondering why job vacancies spike up during this season. It’s because companies are getting ready for fresh graduates and there are more funds to invest in hiring new people in the company. Job fairs are usually aimed at this season for this very reason, too.

Let’s also consider the weather. It’s a lot easier to go out around this time than during winter, right?


Fewer Benefits

In some cases, agencies for regular workers and regular jobs are different from a seasonal job because it does not offer the same benefits. Sick days, vacation leave?

That could be a problem. Sometimes, they are not paid the same unless they are really good.


There will be very little training mostly because you are only working temporarily. However even if there is training, it won’t be similar to the training you get when you work regularly.

Training can cost money and more often than not, companies will not invest that much in training temporary workers just for one season or holiday.

Work Schedules

Many workers think seasonal employment means flexible work and schedule. However, when you do this type of employment, you will most likely work on the tough schedules.

Why did they hire temporary workers anyway if it’s an easy job.

No Holidays

They hired you for that particular reason in order for someone to work during the holiday season, this means you will not be able to celebrate it on your preferred time because you will be working those hours instead of them. Apart from not having health benefits, this is one of the downsides of holiday employment.


But remember to ask yourself this: “What industry are you aiming for?” This will highly affect your chances of landing on job. Holiday season jobs aren’t all that bad, they have their advantages too!

You can make your move while everyone is slowing down, but it won’t be as easy as the normal days. Plan out your move before you apply for a job and know whether you really want to dive into the challenge. Best of luck!

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