The Real Difference Between A Temp Agency And A Staffing Agency

Feb 10, 2020Blog, Job Searching

The terms “temp agency” and “staffing agency” are often used interchangeably. 

But while these two types of businesses might have some crossover, there are some important key distinctions for companies who use them to seek staffing. 

As a full service staffing agency, Infinity Staffing offers a wide variety of staffing needs for businesses of all kinds. 

From temporary to full time staffing solutions, human resource services, and even safety training plans, we serve our clients in a wide range of ways. 

Today we will explain the difference between a temp agency, and a full service staffing agency, and how your business can benefit from both. 

Temp Agency

A temp agency generally has one goal – to fill a temporary vacancy in your business. 

According to Wonolo, 

“Temp agencies, also referred to as “temp services” and “staffing agencies,” are firms that contract with companies in need of temporary, seasonal, part-time, or temp-to-hire workers. 

Some temp agencies are general entities that handle the hiring and placement of a variety of workers, while others focus on niche industries. 

These boutique agencies find temporary candidates of more specialized skill sets.”

Strict temp agencies fill vacancies for all types of businesses with short term contracts, or indefinite positions. 

Why Use A Temp Agency: 

From an employer’s side, a good temp agency usually has access to a large selection of applicants, and they are skilled at efficiently matching those applicants with a fitting position. 

This can save businesses time and stress as they don’t have to post for their short term job needs, and weed through applicants and interviews.

From an employee side, a temp agency puts effort into finding job openings that candidates are qualified for. 

This can help bring in faster cash flow in a difficult job market, even if only in the short term. 

The experience gained from a temporary job can do wonders for out of date resumes, and can even lead to full time positions in the future.

Staffing Agency

A staffing agency, like Infinity, offers the same services as a temp agency – and more.

A full service staffing agency’s goal is to assist with the long term needs of the businesses they work with, rather than to just quickly fill a spot with a less than ideal candidate. 

And if your business needs highly specialized positions, a staffing agency can be a great asset. 

According to Volt.com

Yes, agencies do fill a lot of entry-level jobs, but most mid-size and large companies rely on staffing firms to hire talented people because it’s efficient to have recruiting experts managing the hiring process. 

For that reason, many companies use their staffing partner to fill all of their jobs – everything from mechanical engineers to app developers to project managers to accountants.”

Why Use A Staffing Agency: 

From an employees side, over the years, the way businesses have recruited quality staff has changed. 

In today’s climate, being an employer of choice really matters if you hope to attract the right talent. 

If you have struggled to obtain and keep quality employees, a full service staffing agency like Infinity can offer multiple solutions. 

Infinity acts on your behalf as a full time job recruiter, but that’s not our only role. 

By completely outsourcing your staffing services, you can not only leverage the experience that our recruiting professionals have to offer, but you can save significant money over the long term by decreasing your own advertising and HR costs. 

We also fill vacancies fast, which means your overall productivity improves. 

Another perk when working with a staffing agency, is that you can assure all of your regulations and employment laws are safely followed and enforced. 

And no need to worry about keeping your own records – Infinity will map out each stage of the hiring process for you. We even take care of any government reporting, including unemployment claims and legal reports.

Our staffing services include:

  • Temporary Assignments
  • Temp-to-Hire
  • Direct Placement
  • Payroll and Administrative Services
  • Drug Testing and Background Checks
  • Training Plans: Safety, CPR Workshops, First Aid Classes, Forklift Certifications

We are also able to manage all service pricing, including labor, overhead with our employees including local, state and federal legal requirements as well as payroll taxes.

From an employees side, posting your resume with a reputable staffing agency like Infinity, means you’ll have more job options, at no cost to you.

While both temp agencies and staffing agencies have their place depending on your needs, a full service staffing agency can do everything a temp agency can do for your business, plus so much more.

If you need help with your recruiting, payroll, onboarding, or other staffing needs in Hollister, San Jose, Morgan Hill, or Los Banos contact us at Infinity Staffing today. We would love to work with you.

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