You’ve heard it before and you’re going to hear it again: The workforce is the lifeblood of any business. Your employees can make or break your company. And their presence and functions within the organization cannot be stressed enough.

The key to getting your workforce to work in the most favorable way is to hire the right people with the right talents. But in order to hire the right people, you need to have a systematic and effective recruitment process, and you need to have the resources to mount what is often described as a lengthy and complex process.

If you’re a small company or just starting out in the industry, recruiting and hiring might just be too costly. Thankfully, you can outsource the process to agencies that offer strategic staffing solutions, for every organization. Here are 10 other compelling reasons to outsource recruiting and staffing.

1. Your business is growing and in order to maintain its footing in the market, you need to acquire the kind of talent that will help you meet business goals.

2. Staffing and recruiting agencies have access to a labor pool that can meet dynamic expansions. Instead of needlessly burdening your existing workforce with functions they may be ill-equipped to handle, a strategic staffing agency can help you find workers with specific skills your company needs.

Strategic Staffing Solutions For Smarter Businesses3. The best strategic staffing agency can recognize your company’s future needs for particular workers with particular competencies and skills —even before you have a requirement to fill a position.

4. Such foresight will help you to create an effective strategic business plan that aligns with the changing demands of a growing market and industry.

5. Staffing and recruiting firms immediately know if it is more cost-effective for your organization to hire full-time employees or seek temporary but highly qualified workers. Befitting actions will eliminate unnecessary costs over payroll taxes, interviewing and screening costs, and worker compensation.

6. Your company can get relief from a majority of human resources concerns, such as background checks, drug testing, and even payroll. The right staffing and recruiting agency can take on such processes so that you are free to completely focus on growing your business.

7. You get access to programs designed to improve employee skills and credentials.

8. Recruiting and hiring will never become guesswork because strategic staffing agencies have gained the expertise in recognizing the right talents for your organization.

9. You get customized staffing solutions to address your company’s existing requirements.

10. Your business survives, even in a bad economy, with a strategic staffing agency helping you fill roles in the organization, without the prohibitive costs.