If you feel that your job hunting experience is getting more and more difficult each day, you’re not alone. A lot of people looking for a job these days feel that the path to entry toward the position or company that they are aspiring for is riddled with a lot of obstacles and unfavorable conditions. Even the first steps in the process, such as landing the first interview, can take a long wait.

It’s true that the job market has definitely grown more competitive over the years, and the fact that it is still recovering from recent economic downturns adds more to the challenge. But experts say that the reasons why is it so hard to get a job today are not so different from the issues faced by job seekers in the past. The barriers of entry have grown higher, employers have become pickier, and the skills gap has widened. The key is to be able to identify these issues so you can make preparations on how you can address them.

Staffing-Solutions-Job-HuntingForemost among the reasons why looking for a new job is difficult is that the market has become noisier and more saturated. With the advent of new technologies, people seeking employment make it a point to take advantage of all the platforms available to reach out to target employers. Thus, you will need to be more creative and clever to get your application noticed. You will need to seek another platform that goes beyond the conventional ones and straight into the radar of your prospective employer.

Fortunately, there are now agencies offering staffing solutions that provide job seekers a more direct, straightforward avenue toward their dream job. Leading the pack is Infinity Staffing, an agency with an established network that connects employers and job candidates designed to help both parties find the perfect match. If you’re a job seeker, this is the place where you want your resume to land first, because this is the first place that employers will look when they need top talent.

A main benefit of using this type of staffing platform is that it makes the conversation easier between companies and job applicants. Experts say that a lot of talented candidates have a hard time getting noticed simply because the company they are targeting does not know they are applying. It may be that their resumes have traveled through the wrong channels, or that their application failed to get through gatekeepers because it did not pass through the right departments. With the help of the right staffing agency, you can clearly make it known that not only do you have the qualifications and attributes required for the job, but you also are available for the job opportunity.

In this highly competitive job marketplace, it is critical that you connect to the right contacts and that your resume reaches the right hands. Take advantage of the right job agency platform to ensure a successful search.