More and more employers are recalibrating and refining their staffing solutions and strategies because they know that in a highly competitive arena, a business is only as good as its people.

There are many unique and even out-of-this-world recruitment ideas that various companies are using.

In one company, candidates are asked to take online tests measuring everything from their technical skills to their personality.

Another company hosts fancy parties as a recruitment tool, where their guests are candidates for top-tier positions who socialize and get scrutinized by executives.

Others use their very products to recruit. Ikea once included job ads in every furniture pack they deliver, while Volkswagen pasted their job adverts on the undercarriage of cars for repair, when they were on the lookout for qualified mechanics to join their team.

All these just show that it’s indeed a seller’s market – it has been so for the past few years. In this type of environment, how can employers successfully attract the right people for their team?

Most importantly, how can they attract people for those tricky, hard-to-fill job positions?

Staffing Solutions: Hiring Amidst High Competition

A seller’s market is good news for jobseekers, since that means greater opportunities and more bargaining power for them.

For the companies, it entails the building of a smarter and more strategic recruitment program. This is to make sure their message reaches their ideal audience and that the perfect people for their team will apply for a job with them, and not with their competitors.

Needless to say, this is easier said than done. Figuring out the most effective ways to hire the best talent for your company (and not just those who are “merely satisfactory”) becomes an increasingly difficult responsibility. The challenge escalates when you’re keen to fill the most competitive jobs.

Some of the Concerns that Recruiting Employers Face are:

– Time: You would want to take your time to ensure you make the right decision, but you also want to act fast before the competition beats you to it.

– Money: You want to make a serious investment to improve your recruitment efforts, but you also want to employ cost-effective solutions that lead to valuable, long-term results.

– Management: You’re prepared to execute crucial recruitment best practices, but you also want to do it with minimal disruption to your existing processes and systems.

To make sure your recruiting efforts deliver real results, make sure to consider the following tips:

Steps to Better Recruitment

Competitive Jobs - San Jose, CA - Infinity Staffing ServicesReview your view of recruitment

If you still consider recruitment as separate from your business strategy, then it’s time for a reset.

It is important to develop a recruitment approach that is aligned with your overarching business objectives. This way, every decision you make will have a direct and measurable basis.

“The most crucial asset of any business is its people; finding the right people is a mission for ensuring business growth.”

When you see recruitment in this more encompassing perspective, then you can develop a more effective strategy for it.

Always be Recruiting

You may have heard of the advice about recruitment as a marketing activity. It’s true; selling your brand, reaching out to your target audience – all these are part of effective recruitment.

This task of networking and building connections is not a one-time big-time project, but an ongoing responsibility.

You need to continue engaging your contacts even if you don’t have any positions that need to get filled. As with any relationship, you don’t just reach out when you’re in need.

You continue establishing ties. You constantly engage your contacts so you remain visible, build trust, and strengthen your credibility, making you an attractive employer to approach.

Be Where they are

Using multiple channels to communicate with potential candidates is part of making sure your recruiting initiatives are on an “always on” basis.

Today’s generation of workers is more mobile, flexible and transitory than ever before. If you want to reach them, a single ad in a large job seeker site won’t be sufficient.

Have a responsive website with a careers page. Go to live events – job fairs, school outreach programs, industry conventions and more.

Invest in an online and mobile presence, but choose your channels well. You don’t need to have numerous postings all over the web. To ensure your job ad doesn’t just get lost in cyberspace, work only with sites that have high credibility and high-quality traffic.

Make sure you’re able to manage the million moving parts of talent recruitment, consider working with a reputable staffing agency.

Working with recruitment experts will also allow you to reach out to highly qualified but passive candidates and enable you to pursue a confidential application process that is common in most high-end and hard-to-fill careers.

Find staffing solutions for those hard-to-fill and competitive jobs. Contact Infinity Staffing Services today and watch your business grow!