Proper Employee Performance Review Tips For A Great Feedback

Feb 19, 2019Blog, Employee Training

Are employee performance reviews really that important?

Most companies give performance reviews to bridge the gap between employees and employers. These reviews are done to discuss what are the job performance of employees, what are their goals for the next few months, and what can they do to improve.

For employees, performance reviews can be nerve-wracking to look forward to since its the process where they will know the employer’s judgment to them for a specific period of time. They will know how they were performing for their job position if they meet the employer’s expectations or they need to improve on a specific area of their work.

Every organization has different processes on how they give feedback on their employees. It may seem like a lot of work that has little benefits but when done right, it will be very useful for future reference.

Here are some performance review tips for employees you can work on:

Make Time To Prepare

Employers should be on time when giving performance reviews to their employees. If you have a lot of employees to attend to, schedule them by the date that they are hired and make sure that when you tell them the schedule, you are also prepared on that given day.

Delays may cost the employees to think that they are undervalued because their evaluation day is not that important to you. On the evaluation day, you need to be sure that all the evaluation papers are completed so that you won’t waste time or reschedule it.

Never make an appointment with the employee if you are not well prepared.

Follow A Format

Your company should have a format for performance reviews. This format should be followed and be done to all of the employees that will be evaluated.

This format should also be shared with the employees so that they will not be surprised by how they are assessed. Employees should understand what are your criteria for their job performance for them to know the importance of this in their career development.

Prepare A Discussion

This is the opportunity for employers to ask if their employees need help or coaching. Ask how they are doing, are they happy with their work, do they need help, are there any problems they would like to be discussed privately, or any question that would make you be engaged with your employee.

After getting some feedback from your employees, it’s time to let them know your feedback as well. By that time, you should know the main points you want your employees to improve on.

Discuss the main points of your feedback briefly. Let them know if there are some things to improve on and also how can you help to make them improve in that particular area.

You should be able to encourage the employee to work on the feedback that you have given to see their growth within your company.

Do Not Be Biased

As a critic, set aside your emotions when doing a performance review. The overall performance of the employees should not depend on something that he/she might have done wrong to you recently.

More often, the most recent behavior of the employee becomes the focus of performance reviews. Well, that is not the right way of doing so.

Performance reviews should be assessed with a bigger picture. Don’t base your reviews from one thing that he/she does well or doesn’t do well within the quarter.

Make your assessment as balanced and reasonable as possible. With this, you are giving the right and fair judgment for all.

Set Goals

After the performance reviews, both parties should be aligned to a goal. Without a clear path to take on, these reviews could make you feel unresolved.

If you want your reviews to have results on the quarter, set the goals straight. Tell the employee what you want to see in them for the time being until the next period of employee training ends.

Will they improve or you have lacked on coaching them the first time you made the performance reviews? This will all depend on the goals that you and your employee will agree upon.

Schedule your next employee performance review so that the employees will know that you make time and importance in doing these. Challenge, help, and motivate them to show their true potential.

Employee performance review is just one way in making a better employee-employer relationship. Good communication will lead to better employee improvements.

If the employees see your transparency and good intention to them, chances are that they will improve their growth and development. Getting in touch with your employees will motivate them to do better than they have used to.

These employee performance review tips are great for better documentation and is a good foundation in making improvements to both the employer and the employee. But having the right employee is the best result of them all.

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