Pandemic Unemployment Assistance: How The Next Stimulus Bill Might Affect Your Unemployment

Aug 25, 2020Blog

It has been a few weeks since the CARE Act expired, leaving many Americans anxiously awaiting news on the new COVID-19 relief bill.  

The new bill will address the stimulus check, enhanced unemployment, school fund allocations, test funding, renters and mortgages protection, and much more. 

The decisions the government reaches will deeply impact hundreds of thousands of Americans. Especially those who have become unemployed because of the global health crises. 

California temp services and staffing agency, Infinity Staffing, wants to shed some light on where the government currently stands regarding the next stimulus bill. 

When Will The New Stimulus Bill Be Passed?

Unfortunately, Congress has failed to pass the new bill before August 7th, as the country had originally hoped. 

Now members of congress are on a recess until after Labor Day. The hope is that a decision for the next stimulus bill can be made in early September. 

Two different package options are on the table, currently.

The Republicans have proposed the HEALS Act and The Democrats have proposed the HEROES Act. Both Bills have some similarities to the original bill, the Care Act. 

However, the submitted acts certainly differ in many key areas, such as how much money should be received for dependents, and what enhanced unemployment will look like going forward. 

Nothing is definite until one of the proposed bills is passed, or a compromise is reached. Although, based on both proposed bills we can make some educated guesses on what is to be expected.

Will There Be A Second Stimulus Check And How Much Is It Expected To Be?

It is almost certain that a second stimulus check is around the corner! 

Both the Democratic party and the Republican party seem to be agreeing on a stimulus check of $1,200 for most individuals.

The check will hopefully be available for those who qualify very shortly after Congress has passed a new relief bill. 

A large point of contention between the two sides is over how much money should be given for dependents. 

The Democrats are arguing $1,200 for up to 3 dependants, whereas the Republicans are fighting for $500 per dependant.

The two sides are also quarreling over who qualifies and who does not this time around.

CNET says,

“While we won’t know for certain who will qualify for a new stimulus payment until legislation is passed, we can draw from the first stimulus check’s eligibility requirements to get an idea of who may or may not get a second check, including the income limits and number of dependents. 

Both sides are using adjusted gross income, or AGI, to determine the payment amount for individuals and families, which would cap at $1,200 for individuals and $2,400 for married couples”

Once Congress decides on either the HEALS Act, the HEROES Act, or a compromise, you will have a better idea of how much your family will receive. 

If Renewed, How Long Will The Enhanced Unemployment Last?

With more Americans unemployed throughout this pandemic then there were during the Great Recession of 2008, many people are wondering what the new Bill will say regarding enhanced unemployment. 

The CARES Act expired on July 31st, ending pandemic unemployment assistance and taking $600 in monthly income away from people who had been put out of a job because of COVID-19. 

According to Make It,

“In the $1 trillion HEALS Act introduced by the Senate in July, enhanced federal benefits would be cut down to $200 per week through September.

 By October, the flat boost would be replaced with a payment that, when combined with regular state benefits, will recover 70% of the worker’s previous wages. This calculated federal boost will be capped to a maximum of $500 per week.”

Whereas, under the $3 trillion HEROES Act submitted by the Democrats, the $600 enhanced unemployment benefits would be extended to January 31st, 2021. 

Both parties agree that there should be some enhancement on unemployment due to the pandemic. However, they greatly disagree on the amounts and have yet to reach a compromise. 

How You Can Find Work During The Global Health Crisis

Although some form of enhanced unemployment may continue, as many Americans can attest, it is hard to rely on the government to meet your needs. 

Plus for many Americans, the unemployment benefits still don’t cover their full expenses. 

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