Onboarding New Employees Checklist For An Effective Hiring Process

Jan 13, 2019Blog, Employee Hiring and Retention

The human resource department has the ability to shape the company by hiring the right people and by taking effective steps during the onboarding process for new hires.

Different companies have different protocols with regard to onboarding new employees, however, you should be mindful that you’re also handling different types of people. Proper onboarding ensures that you are providing quality training and will reduce employee’s learning problems and this will help in boosting their confidence.

What needs to be done the day before and on their first day of work?


Company Introduction

Introduce your newly hired employees to the people within the company from the CEO down to the personnel and discuss to them the departments existing in the company. This way, they will feel more comfortable to performing the duties involved with their job because it creates a connection.

Newly hired employees need to be aware of their supervisors and who they will work under. It’s important that you have someone in the company to work closely with them during the training period.

Present the company, what it does and the industry it specializes to help them familiarize with the processes more and help them prepare with the company vision, values and goals. Introduce your new employees to your norms and your daily general tasks.

In addition to these things, inform them of when they should arrive at the office, how can they access the building and inform them if you have a dress code within the company.

Introduce Tools Within The Company and Show Them Around

Do you have specific tools for certain company process? How do you do time in and time out?

It’s important that they know this before they start working. Give them access to the internet connection or the wifi and show them around each department and different parts of the office during their first day and introduce them around the company.

Show them the important areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and other important access. This ensures familiarity with the office and makes sure they know about emergency protocols in case something happens within the office.

With this checklist, you must also create accounts they need for work. For example, a company e-mail must be given to them before they start working and it should be disseminated throughout the department in case other people need to communicate with the new hire with ease. Company accounts are vital and must be introduced, especially if they are not familiar.


Discuss the Benefits

Let your new employees know the benefits they will get while they work in your company. Go over it at a slow pace and make sure everything is clear to them and ask them if they want to clarify anything.

Allowing them to learn about the advantages of working in the company will help them feel comfortable and this will make them worry less when things go wrong.

Discuss Job Description and Responsibilities

Be clear and concise with their tasks and responsibilities. What are you expecting from them?

It’s important that they are aware of what you would want them to do during their time at work. Now that you have decided to put the employee that fits your preferences and a certain position, you should encourage them to improve their knowledge and excel in the field.

Prepare Their Workstation

This step will prevent delays during the first day. Make sure they have the hardware they need for work.

For example, you hired a graphic artist, prepare everything they need for a smooth process on the first day, this will ensure that they will not encounter difficulties in adjusting to the workplace and that they can comply to the future tasks with fewer mistakes.

Don’t let them sit in a cramped and unclean station, this will affect their work.

Brief About The Company Policy And Regulations

Provide your new employees with the basic legal information and training on rules and regulations within the company. Let them know about the vital processes within the company from the method of communication, the do’s and don’ts and the important things like tardiness and absences which will greatly affect the company.


Assign Simple Tasks

Send them training materials to work on first or give them a task that is not too stressful to work on during the first day. Allow them to take some time in getting familiar with the company and assign simple tasks before bigger ones especially if company familiarity is necessary for a certain task.

You can’t expect an employee to learn everything at once, walk them through and follow their pace in adjustment to make them feel important and comfortable with the job.

An impeccable onboarding process that starts with a foolproof checklist reduces the risk of failing turnover and helps to mold the incoming employees to success. You have the ability to shape the company with these simple tasks.

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