For any new employee, the first day at work is critical. Companies only have one shot at leaving a positive yet lasting impression on the new employee.

Making your recent hires feel welcome does not involve creating a complex or elaborate plan. However, you do have to prepare and make sure that your new team member has everything he needs to work and feel that he is a part of the company.

Feeling stumped? Here are a few suggestions on how to make recent hires feel welcome:

1. Brainstorm with existing employees

Ask all of the employees what their first day was like at the office, if there were any memorable experiences, and how it could have been improved. Use the answers as a basis to create a more detailed plan on how to welcome any new employees.

Get this plan in writing then distribute it to all the employees in the company. Showing the plan and going through the details can help make the staff see the importance of the first day. This is especially true when it comes to the people who will be working directly with the new employee, from the management to the new hire’s colleagues. It also shows each staff member what their role is and how critical their part is in implementing the plan.

2. Create a personalized organizational chart

For some new employees, one source of anxiety is not knowing where they fit in the organization’s general structure. It is common for hiring managers to give the new employee a tour of the office and introduce all of the present staff. Some will give a handbook which includes a formal organizational chart. However, it can still be difficult to remember all the names, titles and their relationship with one another.

Instead of a sterile document, you can create a more customized version. Add photos to each individual on the chart. Include something personal about each person such as what their hobbies are, if they have any pets, if they love to travel, or if they have a favorite motto — any detail that the person would feel comfortable in revealing.

These tidbits of information may seem irrelevant to the work that the employees do, but it gives the company a human face. It also makes each person more relatable. Plus, the details would make it easier for the new hire to remember people’s names.

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Having a buddy can make the newcomer feel more at ease and make it easier for the new hire to learn more about the company.

3. Develop a buddy system

Assign someone to work as the new hire’s buddy. Ideally, this would be someone in the same department who has been in the company for years. The buddy could show the new employees the ropes, explain how things work in the office, and provide guidance or support when necessary. If the recent hire is new in the area, the buddy can also accompany him during lunch breaks or provide suggestions on where to go in the area.

New hires typically feel anxious during their first day at work. Having a buddy can make the newcomer feel more at ease and make it easier for the new hire to learn more about the company. However, this does not lessen the responsibility of other staff members. They should all do what they can to make the new arrival feel more welcome.

4. Prepare their workstation

Let the new hire feel that the company is expecting his arrival. Prepare everything that they need to do their job. For brick-and-mortar offices, make sure there is a workstation ready with all of the tools that the employee will need. Ensure that everything is working properly. Inform the other staff that a new employee will be joining the team and on what day.

5. Give a tour of the office

Most hiring managers give the new hire a tour around the office. Newcomers need time and help knowing where to find the cubicles, conference rooms, restrooms, equipment, and other important areas inside the office. The tour is also a great opportunity to introduce the employee to the team, members of management, and the rest of the staff.

6. Create a work plan

Develop a plan as to what the new employee should do during his first week. It should be a balance between making the work load light so as to keep from overwhelming the employee while providing them with enough work to keep them busy. List down some simple tasks that he can do. Show videos or send manuals which reveal how work is done in the office. This will give the employee a better idea of his responsibilities and what is expected of him.

…reserving some time with the newcomer will help make the person more at ease

7. Provide some one-on-one time

Lastly, allocate some time to personally talk to the new hire. An employee handbook or manual may include information about the organization such as its history, culture, and what the business expects from its employees. However, reserving some time with the newcomer will help make the person more at ease. Furthermore, this one-on-one session can provide the recruit with an opportunity to ask questions, relay any concerns, and provide feedback on how their first day went.

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