Where to Find Your Next Summer Job That You’ll Love

Aug 16, 2019Blog, Job Searching

If you’re in between jobs, you may think your options are limited. 

You spend your days scouring job postings, writing cover letters, and waiting for the phone to ring. 

When you’re not searching the web, sprucing up your resume, or making follow up calls, you resort to binging on Netflix and junk food. 

Before you know it, the days have turned into weeks or even months, and you wonder if you’ll ever find a job fit before your skills grow stagnant.

You worry that soon no one will want to hire you because you’ve been out of the job force for so long. 

You’re depressed, dejected, and stuck. 

It’s a frustrating feeling. Despite being proactive and putting your best foot forward, you just can’t find the right job. 

At a certain point, you start to wonder if you should settle for…anything. Even if you’re miserable.

What most job seekers don’t realize is that there is an option between “full-time dream position” and “settle for any old paycheck position”…

Welcome to the world of temporary jobs.

While temporary jobs may not sound glamorous, there are plenty of reasons why this kind of work can be a perfect fit if you’re in between regular employment.  

In today’s article, we will make the case for temp jobs, tell you how they work, and show you where you can find one. 

How Temporary Jobs Work

Generally, employers contact temporary agencies when they are looking to have a position filled for a short period of time. 

This position may last up to a full year, but sometimes it’s just for a single day. The time frame all depends on the company’s needs. 

Temporary employment agencies like, Infinity Staffing, are the best way for job seekers to find local, short term work. 

Once a temp agency sets you up with a client, the agency then handles all of your pay, applicable benefits, and taxes.

Your recruiter at the agency will even periodically discuss your performance with you. Even though you will be working at the business of their client, you are actually employed by the temp agency itself.

When you first speak to your agency recruiter, it’s important that you are honest about what you can accept for payment. 

Temp jobs do typically pay less than permanent jobs, so make sure your expectations are realistic. 

Try to view a temp job as a stepping stone towards a better career and a way of expanding your current skill set. 

You’ll also need to make sure your recruiter is clear on your schedule, what hours you will be available, and whether you want to work part-time or full time. 

Make sure you discuss all of the particulars of your needs before the agency tries to place you. 

Why A Temporary Job May Be Right For You

If you’ve had trouble finding work, it’s important to realize that temporary jobs are much easier to get than permanent jobs. 

The market for these positions is significantly smaller than the market for full-time employment. Because of this, most temp agencies can place you in a position rather quickly. 

Many businesses hire temps because they suddenly have a higher demand in their company than they are used to, and they aren’t sure how long it will last. 

Or, in some cases, they have a current employee out on sick leave or maternity leave. 

A temporary position is a way for the employer to fill their workplace gaps without having to pay the price of a full-time employee. 

But temporary work has benefits for the employee that can reach far beyond a fast paycheck.

In many cases, if a temp employee works hard, they end up getting offered a permanent position. 

While there is no guarantee that the business you are working for will be in need of a full-time hire, this possibility is one reason to do exceptional work for any temporary role you fill.

Taking on temporary jobs is also the ULTIMATE form of networking. 

Think about it – you can sit home and collect unemployment while your skills go soft, or you can get out into real businesses and make strategic connections (possibly within multiple companies) while you earn a paycheck. 

The latter option is clearly a better move for your career!

And beyond networking, temp jobs also have great potential to teach you new skills. 

Don’t be afraid to take on new positions that wouldn’t typically be in your wheelhouse! 

If you look at your journey in temporary work as a learning experience, you will easily be able to see the value of growing your skills and abilities as you try out new roles. 

At the end of the day, even if no full-time positions opens up for you, and even if you don’t learn any groundbreaking new skills, a temporary job means you don’t have large gaps on your resume. 

And better still, you will have up to date, professional references to provide at your next job interview. 

Should You Take On A Temporary Job?

If you’re unsure if a temporary position is the right move for you, start by asking yourself the following questions:

  • Could you use an opportunity to expand your contacts?
  • Would your resume benefit from more recent or more diverse work experience?
  • Do you need extra cash now?
  • Could you benefit from learning new skills?
  • Are you seeking flexible hours?
  • Do you need more clarity about your next career step?
  • Would you like more professional references?
  • Do you want to give yourself a chance at earning a full-time position at a good company?

Where To Find A Temporary Position 

At Infinity Staffing we have deep connections with the very best places to work in Northern California. 

We are a one-stop resource for a temporary – and full time! – employment.

If you’re looking for work in Morgan Hill, Hollister, Monterey, Los Banos, or anywhere in between, contact us today and we will help you find your perfect job match.