Big and small corporations rely on the services of staffing agencies in order to find competent people for positions within their operations. There are usually several candidates, so it’s important for these agencies to screen them thoroughly in order to provide the most suitable people to companies looking for good employees.

Importance Of Properly Screening Applicants

Over the years, job screening has become stricter and more thorough since companies wish to avoid quick turnovers of workers.

With the amount of money usually directed toward training, businesses want to ascertain that the people they’re training for important positions will truly stay within the company and contribute their skills and talents to the success of operations.

Also, a lot of staffing agencies and employers agree to contract terms that specify how the agency will screen the background of temporary employees. Therefore, staffing agencies must use due care in properly vetting workers.

Should they fail to use due care and place a worker who is not suitable for employment, or possesses a questionable character that can be a threat to the client, then the staffing agency may be liable for breach of contract or indemnity claims.

A comprehensive background screening solution can prevent these contractual risks, as well as the accompanying costly lawsuits.

There are different types of screening to establish the good character of people in their roster whom they believe are compatible for the open job positions:

Background Screening

Job Screening - Hollister, CA - Infinity Staffing ServicesPre-employment screening helps determine the compatibility of job seekers with available employment opportunities.

It also establishes that all pieces of information provided on candidates’ resumes and applications are accurate and true.

Thorough background screening involves investigations to uncover everything from personality inconsistencies to behavioral tendencies that may compromise employers and endanger fellow workers, as well as the company.

It includes the following checks, screenings and tests:

Credit History – While most people don’t see a direct connection between one’s credit score and the ability to do a job well, a lot of employers feel that credit history or scores reveal so much about a person’s good character, as well as their ability to completely focus on the job.

The president of an executive search company pointed out that people with a significant level of credit delinquencies might be easily distracted from his job responsibilities and, therefore, may have low productivity. This is just one point provided; other employers have other valid reasons for using credit history to gauge if an applicant is good and reliable enough for the job or not.

Criminal Record – This is a highly important piece of information for every company. No business organization wants a person who has committed serious criminal offenses working for them. Not only is this a safety threat to other workers, but it may also compromise the clean reputation of the business. Likewise, the presence of someone with a criminal record usually puts a strain on operations, with co-workers feeling uneasy around them.

Drug Testing – This is carried out to demonstrate compliance with state laws, as well as to protect operations. Most companies use drug testing to ascertain the trustworthiness of prospective employees, and to avoid common issues associated with drug use such as theft, violence and even death at the workplace.

Education Verification – Since level of education is a major component in establishing the skills and amount of training an applicant has, it’s imperative for employers to know that the provided academic background of candidates on their resume is accurate. Education verification is particularly important for entry level jobs, when all applicants have to show for it is their academic performance.

Employment Verification – All workers in the United States are required to prove their identity, as well as their eligibility to work in the country by completing an I-9 Employment Verification Form.

Sex Offender Registry Screening – Companies avoid hiring individuals who might endanger productive employees or damage their reputation as an upright business operation.

Skills or Personality Assessments – These are administered to find out if applicants have the right skills set for the jobs they’re applying for, and if they possess the potential for growth that will make them qualified for other key positions in the organization.

Supervisor/Reference Interviews – Employers typically ask for written recommendations and will interview applicants’ references to help assess their ability to carry out the job they are applying for. In addition to this, the interview also provides insight into the applicants’ work ethics or values that may work for or against the hiring company.

A good reputation is very important for staffing agencies since it will enable them to last long in the industry; as such, it’s no wonder they have become much stricter with screening.

With their thorough background checks and testing, clients who are looking to hire workers can have the assurance that they are being provided people who will truly be assets to their operations.

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