Although it is true that there are plenty of employment opportunities that are not posted online, there’s a sizable number of job posting sites that will post on behalf of a company.

How many? According to statistics, the average number of jobs available on job posting sites average about 4 million per month. And on average, 35 percent of job openings are filled using these websites.

Why Search for Jobs Online?

It cannot be denied that no job search would be complete without at least visiting different job portals. For both employers and job seekers, these websites offer a diverse array of benefits.

Job portals provide reporting which can give employers invaluable insights and data regarding the progress of a recruitment campaign.

Many companies also like the fact that job portals facilitate faster hiring which, over the long term, can save them money, and job posting sites are fairly easy to use.

“These websites allow employers to extend the reach of their search by giving greater exposure to ads.”

For job seekers, the chief advantage of searching for jobs posted online is convenience. With a computer and an internet connection, you can see relevant jobs that might interest you, even when you are in the comfort of your own home.

You do not need to go to a company’s office just to ask for available opportunities. Furthermore, you can tweak the parameters of your job search to narrow down your search results.

Making the Most Out of an Online Job Search

Searching for jobs online allows you to do almost everything electronically, including submitting resumes and cover letters. That means that you save money while helping the environment.

Don’t Spend too Much Time Searching for Jobs Online

According to recruitment specialists, job seekers should only spend 10 percent of their time searching for jobs online. Take advantage of the advanced search options so that you can make the most out of the time you spend online.

Set the Search Parameters

Job Search - Morgan Hill, CA - Infinity Staffing ServicesIn order to find relevant jobs and save more time, tweak the search parameters based on the positions that you would like to apply for, locations, and even company names.

Don’t Apply for Jobs that you are Not Qualified for

Do not think that you will be lucky and receive an invitation for a position that you are not qualified for. You will only be wasting your time as your application will be overlooked.

Quite simply, match your skills and experience to jobs that are best suited to you.

Take Advantage of Automatic Alerts

Many job portals offer the feature of automatic alerts which inform you of job openings that match your parameters.

When new matches to these parameters become available, an email message will be sent for you to check out. This will help you save time from searching postings that you think match your skills and experience.

Focus your Attention on Companies that You Want to Work for

This will help you take on a more targeted approach. And if you know someone who works for any of these companies and a job post comes along, you can enlist your acquaintance to help hand your resume to the HR department.

Tweak Your Resume 

Many companies eliminate unqualified applicants by using scanning systems which look for specific keywords in resumes and cover letters.

When you use the right keywords like those used in the job posting, the chances of your resume getting picked increase.

Upload Your Resume Online

If the job portal offers the option to upload your resume, take advantage of it. If you do not want your current employer to view your profile or to know that you have an active profile, you can set your profile to anonymous.

Edit Your Resume and Cover Letters

Simple errors like misspellings and grammatical errors can undermine your chances of getting called for an interview. Double check everything. In formatting your resume and cover letter, be consistent in your use of fonts.

Do not use too many — settle for two to three fonts. Some employers look at online profiles so make sure that your resume is updated regularly.

Don’t Forget to Write a Customized Cover Letter

A cover letter can boost your chances of getting employed. But instead of using a single letter, make sure that you tailor a different letter for each company that you are applying for.

Know how Much You are Worth

During the application process, it is a good idea to find out how much people in your industry earn. This will give you a better position when negotiating for a salary once an employer gives you a job offer.

Take Time to do Research on an Employer

If you successfully land an interview with one of the firms that you are applying for, spend some time doing research about the company and what it offers. If you can, you can also do research on the person who is going to interview you.

Take advantage of job posting sites and let them help you find the right fit job for you! Click here to view job openings in your area.

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