How Staffing Workers And Temporary Employment Agencies Could Save Your Business

May 25, 2020Blog, Employee Hiring, Employee Hiring and Retention

In light of the recent pandemic, the future economy is uncertain. 

Many businesses are struggling during the lockdowns and other guidelines that are meant to keep people safe during COVID -19.  

Although safety should always come first, the reality is that a lot of businesses, stores, and even companies are experiencing difficulties during this strange time in our world. 

If you are a business owner the barriers you are facing are real! Infinity Staffing sees that and is here to offer guidance.  

With the economy being so uncertain, staffing staff may be the perfect solution for keeping your business afloat without committing to long term hires.

With the new guidelines creating more work, people falling ill and taking time off, and the stress of learning a new way of functioning, many business owners require more help but worry about the economy and their ability to keep people full time. 

Staffing agencies can help you find skilled and experienced temporary staff to help you through this hard time and without you having to commit to the long term financial expense of paying them. 

Here are some ways that temporary employment agencies and staffing workers can help your business make it through this challenging time, while helping those facing unemployment in California.

They Provide An Adjustable Workforce

During times like this, your staff may begin to feel burnt out. It is important to be able to easily adjust your workforce based upon the need of your business. 

When you work with a staffing agency you can hire short term people to help fill in any gaps and give your staff the help that they need. 

It is wise to get connected with a good staffing agency. Then you will be all set for the next time the workload fluctuates and you need short term staff. Being able to adapt and adjust is imperative when it comes to running a business. 

They Save You Time and Money 

Marketing a job, interviewing people, and hiring is a long and stressful process. 

Thankfully, when you work with a temporary employment agency all that stress and wasted time are alleviated. The professionals at the agency handle all of that for you. 

On top of that, you will save money because hiring someone for a temporary position is often much cheaper than the traditional way. And the agency takes on a lot of responsibility, saving you money.

Business Know-how says

“When you employ an agency, it – not you – becomes the staffing worker’s employer. 

The agency is responsible for and bears the financial burden of recruiting, screening, testing and hiring workers; payroll expenses and paperwork; payroll and withholding taxes; unemployment and workers’ compensation insurance; and any employee benefits they may wish to provide. Some agencies even provide training such as software application tutorials.”

The tiresome process of hiring someone can all be removed from your shoulders when you work with a staffing agency.

You Get Access To Skilled Workers 

When you work with a staffing agency you will be opening up your business to a lot of new connections and qualified candidates that may have been out of reach before.

Agencies work with skilled and professional individuals who are excited by the challenge of thriving in different work environments.

You will be able to hire people who have the expertise and can bring new ideas and work methods into your business. 

Some companies will even hire a staffing just to get their expertise and outside views. Even if they only stay for a while, their time and influence can be an invaluable asset.

You Can Evaluate Employees Without Major Commitment 

Working with temporary staff is also a great way to test the waters and see if someone is a good fit for your business. You’ll be able to see their work habits and if they are doing well in the work environment. 

You get the opportunity to assess the employee without the obligation.

If things are going well, and you can’t stand to see your new staff leave, you can ask them to stay long term. If you no longer need extra staff or it wasn’t the right match, there is no harm and they will move on to the next job. 

You Get Great Resources and Connections

Staffing agencies have so many resources and connections and they can help your business flourish even in hard times like these. 

When you work with a staffing agency you will receive expert advice, wonderful new contacts, and an abundance of resources. 

If you need some assistance to make sure your business is running as well as it possibly can, it is an excellent time to get some assistance from Infinity Staffing.

If you are interested in working with a staffing agency click here to contact Infinity Staffing today.