How Does a Staffing Agency Work?

Jul 15, 2019Blog, Interviewing, Job Searching

If you’re currently unemployed, a staffing agency could be a huge aid in your quest for the perfect job.

But if you’ve never worked with a staffing agency before, you may have some questions about what kind of jobs they offer, if any fees are involved, and how the hiring process works.

Today we will discuss the ins and outs of staffing agencies, and help you decide if contacting one is the right choice for you. 

What Is A Staffing Agency?

Companies pay staffing agencies to screen and interview potential prospects and then hire for various positions on their behalf. 

These companies may be in need of:

A Temporary Position

If a current employee is on leave, or the business has hit a particularly busy season, companies may need temporary help. 

In this case, a staffing agency will assign a job seeker to the client’s company for a designated amount of time and the agency will pay the hire directly. 

While there is no guarantee that a temp job will open up into a permanent position, it’s not uncommon for temps to turn into full time hires should a position arise. 

Even if there is no availability for a full-time position, a temp job is a good way for out of work people to remain relevant and make new connections in the workforce. 

A Temp-To-Hire Position

This position is like a trial run for a potential full-time employee. 

The staffing agency will place an employee in a vacant position for a designated amount of time and pay them directly. 

If after a trial period the client is happy with the worker’s performance, they then have the option of hiring them full time and paying them directly.

A Full-Time Position

If a client is seeking a full-time position, the staffing agency can work as a recruiter on their behalf. 

The agency’s job will be to screen, interview, and select the best candidates for the job. 

In this scenario, the company will pay the employee directly. Once they have found their client a fit, the staffing agency collects a fee from the business.

Who Can Benefit From A Staffing Agency? 

Staffing agencies are a great choice for those seeking employment. 

One of the major benefits of working with an agency is that it’s free to the job seeker. 

All fees are paid by the businesses seeking staffing help. 

You should never have to pay a fee to use a staffing agency’s services to find a job. 

Because it’s free to work with a staffing agency, and agencies have great connections with local hiring businesses, it makes sense that anyone looking for employment could benefit from meeting with a recruiter at one of these firms. 

If a staffing agency is unable to place you with your full-time dream job right away, it’s a good idea to be open-minded to temp-to-hire or even temporary positions. 

If you’re currently unemployed, it can only benefit your future job interviews to have a well-rounded resume and an active job history. 

Temp jobs provide this and more while providing you with a paycheck. 

Demonstrating your work ethic and willingness to learn to the agency will also only open up more options for placing you in the perfect position. 

Tips For Talking With Your Recruiter: 

  • Take Your Meetings With The Staffing Agency Seriously 

Once you reach out to an agency, they will likely set up an interview to get to know your personality, strengths, and skills. 

This will help them determine what kind of placements they have available to you. 

It’s important to treat these meetings just like you would treat a job interview for a position you’re dying to land. 

Dress appropriately, be on time, and get ready to discuss both your hard and soft skills with your recruiter. 

  • Be Transparent About Your Expectations, Goals, and Availability

It’s only going to help your recruiter find the right fit for you if you can be as honest with them as possible. 

Be clear about what kind of pay you need to live on, keeping in mind that temp jobs generally pay lower than full-time positions. 

And also make sure you are clear about your availability and the hours you can work before the agency tries to place you with a business. 

Whether your goal is to gain a full-time position, or you would like a flexible schedule while learning new skills, discuss these things upfront with your recruiter. 

The more information they have about you, the easier it will be for them to find your perfect fit.

  • Follow Up

Call your recruiter (or write them a note) thanking them for the interview, and if you haven’t heard back within 5-10 days, don’t be afraid to follow up and check on your status. 

This demonstrates drive and helps keep you top of mind for any upcoming positions. 

How To Pick The Right Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies exist all across the nation, and figuring out which agency you should reach out to can be challenging.

When you first reach out, a good agency will set up an interview in a timely manner so they can learn more about you and your job history. 

Great recruiters will go over your resume with you, and offer feedback and advice for how you can proceed with your best foot forward throughout the hiring process. 

And remember – a staffing firm should never charge you for working with them as a job seeker. If an agency asks you for money, it’s quite likely that you’re being scammed. 

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