How Do You Know If A Recruitment Agency Is Legit?

Feb 28, 2022Blog, Job Red Flags, Job Searching


If you’ve been searching for jobs you know that getting an offer in your inbox without having to do much of anything can feel great. It can also feel a little fishy.

Unfortunately, not everyone online is honest, and not all recruiters are who they say they are.

Some scammers pose as recruiters so that they can access your personal information, and sometimes even your bank details. Others are less interested in your information and more interested in how they can use you to complete illegal tasks for them.

There are some very obvious job red flags in your job search that are easy to detect – like being asked to spend your own money upfront, or learning that employees are told to punch out to avoid receiving extra pay when working overtime.

Job red flags differ for each employee based on their current values, priorities, and goals. However, many others might not be so obvious. Here’s a list to consider:

High turnover. You can learn a lot just by asking why a position is vacant. Make sure that is always one of your questions. If it seems it’s been difficult to retain someone in the position, or if the department has several open roles they’re replacing, don’t be afraid to probe deeper, this could be one of those job red flags we are talking about.

You might not get the whole truth when you ask this question, so always remember to always trust your gut.

A rush job. If you find that the hiring process is much faster than you anticipated, explore why. Rushing through this process is on our job red flags list because hiring someone is a big decision and most employers want to get as much data as possible to make an informed choice. If you feel rushed, ask to slow the process down so that you can gather more information, and be wary if this request isn’t respected.

 Other job red flags that could mean the recruitment agency is a scam are:

        • mails from a free account (such as Gmail or Hotmail)
        • Job offers that are too good to be true (trust your intuition)
        • Instantly offering a high salary
        • Offering you a job without an interview
Red Flag Bad Employer

How Do I Find Red Flags About My  Employer?

You’ve had a successful interview and everything seems great! You might’ve even started to work but something just feels off. It can be hard to tell what the signs of a bad employer are, especially if everything has gone smoothly up until now.

It can be easy to stay in a job because you’ve already secured it but it can also end up being challenging in the long run. Here are three signs of a bad employer.

Lack of communication. A good employer will go out of their way to impress you. They will keep communication lines open and will work with you to achieve your goals.

Disorganized onboarding. Onboarding is one of the key “moments that matter” in your career. If you get a bad vibe during your onboarding, be wary of everything else.

Employee turnover. If you’re in your position for less than a month and see multiple employees leave, that can be one of the signs of a bad employer. A good employer will do everything they can to keep valued employees.

Other signs of a bad employer:

  • Company culture include abuse or hazing
  • Company culture runs on a crisis basis (reactive not proactive)
  • The company doesn’t respect personal time

Interview red flags, job red flags, and signs of a bad employer aren’t hard to spot if you know what you’re looking for. Remember, don’t disregard your gut instinct and contact us if you have any questions or need further advice.