“Employment background checks have become a standard practice in many business organizations. But why exactly is it important to check the background of a potential new hire?”

Sometimes, business owners feel that a background check is an unnecessary step in the recruitment process. This is particularly true in instances wherein there is a pressing need for additional staff for the organization. For example, you might need the new hire to fill in the gap for an employee who’s on maternity leave or to meet seasonal demand.

And in some cases, the candidate seems like a good fit for the position and your organization — he or she has passed the exam, has the skills and experience and has done well in the interviews.

The recruitment process is challenging enough for both organizations and job seekers; why make it harder? And when you do find the right candidate, the challenge shifts to retention.

Top reasons for Employment Background Checks


Brings Criminal Histories to the Surface

A candidate’s criminal history can bring to light his or her unsuitability for the job. Some charges may indicate the danger or unreliability of the candidate.

In other cases, these previous charges may simply be irrelevant to the job. What is important here is that as an employer, you are able to make an informed choice.

Furthermore, a background check can alert you of a person’s record of bad driving, credit history, and other important information.

For example, if you are hiring someone who will handle your company’s coffers, the background check can help you determine if a candidate is suitable for the job.


Eliminates Liability

For example, you are hiring a truck driver for your company and did away with the background check. Unknown to you, the candidate has been previously charged with DUI. If that driver figures in a road accident, you may face liability due to lack of due diligence.


Boosts Safety in the Workplace

Failure to do an extensive background check can put the safety of your employees and customers at risk. For example, if you hired a person with a history of violent crimes, you can be held liable if a crime is committed at the workplace.

Verification of Credentials

Recruitment professionals say that some candidates can lie outright on their resumes about their education and certifications. A background check uncovers the truth about these and ensures that each candidate on your list is honest.


Peace of Mind

Consider the recruitment process as an investment in your company’s future. As such, you’d like to hire the best candidate that will give you significant ROI while providing you peace of mind, knowing that he or she has the right skills and experience and no red flags.

Dos and Don’ts of Employment Background ChecksNew Hire Employment Background Checks and Reference Check


Hiring a new employee? Here are a few dos and don’ts to help guide you in performing a background check.



Do be Thorough

Apart from checking a prospective hire’s credentials and criminal record, make sure that you also do a background check on other aspects like their social media and driving record.

Take a complete snapshot of a candidate’s background. This also helps you avoid a potential investigation from the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission or EEOC.


Don’t ask a Candidate if He or She has Been Convicted of a Crime

This will only get you accused of discrimination. Instead, allow all of the candidates to go through the process and let each one undergo a background check.


Do Observe the Law

Prevent unnecessary hassles on your part and keep abreast with pertinent laws and regulations related to performing background checks. That may include securing a legal release form from each candidate. If you are unsure about the legality of a specific step, consult a lawyer.


Do Inform the Candidate

Mistakes and mishaps can happen. And sometimes, those mistakes can lead to glossing over someone who is a perfect fit for your organization. If you find a red flag in a candidate, make sure that you inform the candidate and give him or her an opportunity to clarify the matter at hand.


Do look at the Bigger Picture

A single mistake does not necessarily make a candidate a bad hire. Instead of looking at a particular incident, consider the overall picture and look for specific patterns of behavior.


Don’t Focus on the Negative

A background check should not connote something negative. You can use it to help you choose between two seemingly equal applicants.


Do Consider Hiring Professionals to do the Check for You

Hiring professionals to do a background check for you does not only translate to convenience. More importantly, the experts use established processes that are more efficient. Plus, they are aware of the relevant laws.

A poor hiring decision can cost you not just money; it can lead to lawsuits and a poor company image.

Avoid taking shortcuts when hiring employees. Infinity Staffing Services will make sure each candidate undergoes stringent employment background checks to find the perfect new hire for you.