Want to build a high-performing team? Then you have to make sure your Employer Job Posting catches the eye of your ideal candidates.

What makes this task extra difficult is that today’s top talents are more discriminating than ever. They’re looking for meaningful work. They see healthy work-life balance as a priority.

“They don’t just look at the salary, but also at the organizational culture, relevant benefits and pathways to growth.”

And they know that if they can’t acquire all these in your company, then they can simply move on to your competitor (or even build their own business) for better opportunities.

Thus, your job ads should create a great impression about your company. It should offer clarity and sufficient details to pique the interest of the most suitable people for the job.

And in the changing nature of the current job-market, some of the old approaches may not be as effective anymore.

The following tips will ensure that your Employer Job Posting will get the leads you want:

Aim for online visibility

Active job seekers know which search words to use when looking online for opportunities they can pursue. Thus, you need to craft job advertisements that are search-friendly.

This entails using the right keywords as well as delivering the content through the right channels, from popular job search portals to staffing agency websites to social media.

Outsource the recruitment process.

Many employers find that the most results-driven and cost-effective way to find the right people is to work with a reputable agency specializing in staffing solutions. HR today is expected to focus more on strategic work and value creation.

They can provide better value to the company if they simply outsource talent recruitment and its time-consuming tasks including job posting, recruitment, interviews, background checks, direct placement, temporary hiring, payroll, admin work, drug testing, safety training and more.

Reach out to passive candidates.

LinkedIn revealed that 60 percent of people in the workforce today are “passive candidates.” They are not actively seeking jobs or sending out their resumes, but are open to change if a good opportunity comes along.

An established staffing agency will have the network and systems to help you come up with job postings that can reach out to and engage these passive candidates.

Think like a marketer.

Recruitment is a sales job. When you are posting about an employment opportunity, it’s basically an advertisement for your company. So create your post as you would an ad — make sure it looks pleasing to the eye.

Use compelling and memorable copy.

Provide relevant details, especially when describing the job and what you are looking for. End with a strong call to action, with clear application instructions. And finally, publish it where your target audience will have a good chance to see and understand the message.

Following these Employer Job Posting tips gets you closer to hiring top quality employees, click here to post a job today!