The Ultimate Guide To Landing Your Dream Job During A Pandemic: Part 3

Dec 9, 2020Blog, Employee Hiring and Retention


Over the last blogs in this three-part series, we have covered how to find a job even amidst COVID-19. 

If you have followed our guide and are still struggling to find the right job, it might be time to consider working with an agency for temporary employment, also known as a staffing agency.

Staffing agencies are a great resource for those looking for work. Although primarily known for temp work or short term, it’s not uncommon to be placed in a position that can become a long term career.

When it comes to agencies staffing, Infinity Staffing is a trusted source that can help you find your dream job. Today we want to show you why working with a staffing agency might be right for you.

Part-Time Job Vs Temp Job 

Before you look into a temp job or part-time job, it is important to understand the differences.

In a part-time job, you are hired by a company and you work for them. You simply don’t have enough hours with them to be considered full time. Often because of this, you will not have benefits and your income will be much lower.

A temp job is much different than a part-time job. They are sometimes wrongly confused.

According to PrincePerelson,

“A temp job is just that—temporary—and generally for a predetermined time at the time of hire. Usually 3, 6, 9, or 12 months, but it can really vary depending on the organization’s needs.

If someone does well in a temp job, it’s possible to be hired permanently – either through the company directly, or through a staffing agency. 

Oftentimes, temps who are hired directly through companies have little to no benefits, whereas when someone goes through agencies staffing, they have more benefits available to them.

Depending on your circumstance you will have to decide which type of job is going to be best for you.

agency for temporary employment

What Are Staffing Agencies?

A staffing agency is an organization that matches companies and employees. 

When you work with an agency for temporary employment such as Infinity Staffing you will be matched with a company. Sometimes this will be for a permanent position, and sometimes it will be for a temporary job. 

Why You Should Work With A Staffing Agency:

There are a variety of reasons that working with an agency for temporary employment to help you find a job can be incredibly beneficial. We are going to go over a few of these reasons now:

     1.Avoid A Gap In Your Resume 

Having a time gap between jobs doesn’t look great on your resume. It can raise concern for potential employers and could lose you some great opportunities in the future. 

One way to avoid this is to get a temp job going through a temp agency. The agency’s staffing professional will be able to find you a temp job that can help you avoid gaps in your resume while looking for something more permanent. 

     2.Keep A Steady Income 

Income is one of the biggest reasons we all work. We need money each month to survive and to do everything we need to. 

If you are struggling to find a job and are beginning to worry about not having a steady income then consider finding an agency for temporary employment near you. 

This agency can help you find a job and get the income that you need.

     3.The Temp Job Can Lead To A Permanent Position

If the idea of doing temporary work does not sound very appealing to you, and you are really hoping for a long term career, don’t worry. It is common that these temp jobs turn into permanent positions.

You and your employer will both get a chance to see if you fit well together. If you do, then you might be hired long term. If not, you can move on and no one has lost anything.

     4.You Are Not Stuck In It

With temp jobs, you have the great opportunity to leave places without any issues. If a position is not working out, no problem, it is just temporary. When your time is up, you leave and try something else.

     5.The Opportunity To See What You Like

Temping gives you the unique opportunity to try out a lot of different work environments and types of careers if you want to. 

You can do several different temp jobs throughout your time working with a staffing agency. This time can help you find your passions, interest areas, and learn many skills along the way. 

If you aren’t sure what you are interested in, working with a staffing agency is one good way to find out.

For help finding a great temp job click here to contact Infinity Staffing today!