Effective Recruiting Strategies For All Ages

Dec 5, 2018Blog, Employee Hiring and Retention

Finding good help for your business can seem like an impossible task. 

However, effective recruitment is one of the most important aspects of a successful company. As new generations start to join the workforce, it’s important to learn how to communicate with them as an employer.

Cross-generational communication has always had its difficulties. However, rapid changes in technology are causing this generational rift to grow even more.

As these younger generations start to reach working age, employers will have to learn to attract these bright young minds. This requires you to learn their values, learn what they are looking for in a good job, and reach out to them in a new and attractive way.



Millennials are individuals who were born approximately between early 1980s and middle to late 1990s. This is the generation that is currently finishing college and Grad school and joining the skilled workforce.

If you’re wondering how to reach out to this workforce, here are 7 ways to recruit and retain millennials. The first step is trying to understand their values.

Make a genuine effort to understand what they look for in a job. What kinds of things impress them?

What do they struggle with? Answering these questions with a genuine interest will go a long way towards understanding how to recruit them.


Gen Z

This is the generation after Millennials, born approximately between the mid to late 1990s and early 2010s. Many of these kids are still in school, and if they are entering the workforce it will likely be entry-level positions.

For a basic understanding of how to recruit these workers, here are 4 tips for recruiting Generation Z. You can follow a very similar approach as you used for Millennials, as once again genuine interest is key.

Tactics For Recruiting Younger Generations

As we dive deeper into the current technological age, it’s important for employers to learn to change tact often. The job market is constantly in flux, and newer and better job search tools are making job seeking individuals more effective at finding those good jobs.

Here are a few ways to adopt effective recruiting strategies that will help you reach out to these individuals.

Stay Current

As I just said, technology is constantly improving and new apps are being developed. It’s important to stay up on all the most recent job search tools and make sure you are using them to their fullest potential.

If you’re wondering why you keep attracting bad candidates, it could be because of where you’re posting jobs, and what your post contains.

Effective Job Posting

Your job posting should be designed to attract highly effective individuals in these young generations. This is where your genuine interest comes into play.

Once you have taken time to better understand this generation, use that knowledge in your post. Millennials tend to feel that they have been dealt a bad hand, but they want to find a way to function in society and want to work for it.

This type of insight can lead you to an effective job posting.

Check Your Online Presence

Younger generations are extremely good at weeding through bad products and bad companies because they have tools such as us (Infinity Staffing), Yelp and Glassdoor to help guide them through their job hunt. Definitely check out your presence at Glassdoor, which is a job review site geared toward job seekers.

This process will not only give you insight into how past employees feel about their time at your company but also will show you ways you can improve as an employer. If you find that you don’t have a presence on Glassdoor, it would be a good idea to take steps toward having one.

Suggest that your current employees post a review, or reach out to old employees and ask that they post a review. Having a presence on this site will help job seekers find your company.

Digital Communication

What do all of the aforementioned tips have in common? They are all forms of digital communication.

If you and your company aren’t internet savvy, you’re going to have a very tough time recruiting young generations. Take some time to get comfortable with the digital world.

The internet isn’t going away anytime soon, and embracing it will help in more ways than you can imagine.


If you’re having a tough time hiring younger generations, you’re not alone! However, there are many ways that you can adopt effective recruiting strategies that will help you reach out to these generations.

The main point to take away from this is that you take a genuine interest in what makes them tick. This will not only help you recruit them but will also help you relate to them once you’ve hired them.

For more information on recruiting strategies, or to use our job postings click here.

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