“So, do you have any questions for us?”

When this part of the job interview begins and the crucial Interview Questions to Ask come into play, how do you react? Do you play coy and say you have nothing to ask?

Do you bust out a long list of generic, obviously memorized queries? Or do you take a short pause, quickly assess the topics you have covered so far, and ask a couple of questions that are most relevant to the situation?

By now, you must already know that an interview that leads to a positive outcome is not a simple interrogation – far from it. Ideally, it should play out like a conversation among equals. It’s an opportunity for the HR person to find out how qualified you are for the job.

At the same time, it’s a chance for you to find out if the position and the company is a good match for you. Plus, if you know the correct and most strategic interview questions to ask, you can also use that as a way to further stand out from your competition.

In today’s cutthroat job market, knowing how to prep for an interview can be your best strategy.

“The questions you ask can be one of the most crucial factors that determine whether you get the job or not.”

And admittedly, it’s a tricky task — when asking a question, you genuinely want to acquire more information while subtly relaying information that will serve your candidacy.

The following are some Interview Questions to Ask you may want to raise during your next interview:

  1. Can you describe your ideal candidate?

What you achieve with this question:

– Gain a clear view of what the interviewer is looking for.

– Check the qualifications one by one and see if you have them.

– Discuss a core skill or experience from the interviewer’s description that you haven’t emphasized during the interview.

  1. What are the problems you expect this position to solve?

What you achieve with this question:

– Determine where you can provide your biggest contribution.

– Understand your potential employer’s “pain points.”

– Emphasize the value you can bring in.

  1. What do you like most about this company?

What you achieve with this question:

– Know more about the company culture and values.

Give the interviewer a chance to talk about himself/herself.

– Have an idea of whether you’ll thrive in their environment or not.

  1. Do you see anything that may prevent me from getting the job?

– Find out if the interviewer has any hesitations about you.

– Discuss your perceived “weak” points and correct the perception or turn them into positive points.

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