While there are numerous college graduate jobs available out there, the question is, do you really know how to find a job after college?

Your choice of career is influenced by certain factors such as your self-perception, emotional needs, and outside influences like family expectations, community traditions, or the inspiration of a teacher. Career choice may also depend on practical influences such as supply and demand in the labor market or a financial emergency.

“Each of these elements may be a factor in the process of choosing what kind of job you want to have or do for the rest of your life. And all of them are almost always affected by one additional thing: the element of chance.”

No matter what kind of degree you have completed, planning a successful career starts with an effective job search. It is very important to know exactly where you are going and what you are doing.

1. Where to start looking for a job

The Internet has become a valuable resource for career information. Numerous websites can help you learn about a particular job as well as help you plan your next steps once you have decided which one is right for you.

The Internet also presents many job posting sites that provide listings of job openings, often with a job search tool that allows you to simply click, type a few keywords, browse pages, and click again to get the details of job that interests you.

2. What details to take note of

Evaluate the job description. It will give you many insights about the job you want to apply for. These are the basic, important points you must carefully analyze:

  1. The nature of the work – Will you be able to handle such a job? Is this the kind of job you want or love to do? Is the company culture appealing to your personality?
  2. The amount of training required – Are you qualified enough? Do you have the edge to get the job?
  3. The opportunities for advancement – Do you see yourself growing with this kind of job? Will this help you build your career?
  4. The employment outlook – Will this job exist forever or will it soon become extinct thanks to technology? What will happen to you just in case you get replaced by technology?

3. What you should prepare forHow To Find A Job After College - San Jose, CA - Infinity Staffing Services

Once you’re ready to proceed with the application process, take note of the necessary steps indicated in the job description such as deadline of submitting application requirements and where/to whom to send them.

Generally, these are the three major elements you should prepare or prepare for:

  • An impressive resume

Make a good impression using your resume. Learn the dos and don’ts of writing a resume. Make it clear and concise. Clearly state why you should be considered for the position. Match your skills, trainings, education, and personality with their requirements and preferences.

  • Test Taking

Another part of the screening process is taking assessment tests. Sometimes tests are given before the interview or right after. There are different kinds of tests that employers can give depending on the industry you want to work with. Often, it includes personality tests such as those that measure your success at performing certain job function, and cognitive tests to assess logical resoning, problem solving skills, or learnign styles.

Be familiar with the different types of tests. If possible, research and practice answering sample questions.

When taking the test, read and follow instructions carefully.

Don’t be nervous. Just relax and be honest in answering the personality assessment test. This way, the results will accurately describe what kind of personality trait you have and can tell you whether you’re a good fit for the job or another job may fit you better.

  1. Job Interview

Prepare yourself for the job interview. The first step is to do a little research about the company. The next step is to practice answering general interview questions. The trick is to always prepare a brief introduction about yourself. Most of the time, the interviewer will ask you to tell something about yourself. And if you are not prepared, such a simple question becomes very difficult to answer.

Confidence, initiative, preparedness – these are some qualities an employer wants from a candidate. Other essential steps can be read here.

At some point in your job search journey, there will be a time when you might feel disappointed because of the level of competition involved in your chosen field. For this, you have to brace yourself for anything that could possibly happen. Be better equipped to make a good start.

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