5 Tips to Find the Best Employees

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Today, many business owners are finding that hiring good employees is not as simple as it once was. 

Most business owners who come to Infinity Staffing for help complain that they don’t have enough quality candidates to choose from. 

Furthermore, it seems every time they do find a fit and they’re ready to make their applicant an offer…the person declines because they have accepted another job. 

With company reviews being posted online every minute of the day…

And CEO’s spending big bucks on their business brand and social media campaigns…

It’s no wonder many business owners are feeling the squeeze from such a competitive market. 

But all is not lost – there are simple moves that hiring companies can make that will help them attract quality applicants.

And better still, these methods will teach you how to bring those applicants on board.

Tip #1 Be Totally Transparent In Your Job Postings

Studies show that the number one thing job seekers want to know about when applying for a new position is…

The salary.

It’s not really shocking when you think about it. But it’s one piece of the puzzle that many businesses neglect to mention in their postings. 

If you want to make your hiring process as streamlined as possible, this is one area that you should try to be very clear about. 

Yes, we understand. There are a lot of factors that come into play when salary is discussed such as experience and education.

But still, at least putting a starting salary in your ad will help you weed out a lot of the applicants that are wrong for you. 

This will save you an immense amount of frustration because the candidates who aren’t okay with your salary range won’t waste either of your time by applying. 

But salary isn’t the only area you need to be transparent about in your ad.

You also need to take careful time describing the job and the expectations you have as an employer.

What’s the position?

How would you describe the responsibilities of the role?

How do you measure job performance?

What skills and experience is required?

This is also a good time to talk about your company’s values and vision. 

You want the perfect candidate to understand what you’re about and envision themselves working alongside you to build something of value. 

Tip #2 Foster An Attractive Company Culture

While this tip is more of a long game plan, it’s important for business owners to put thought into the kind of culture they have built, or are building. 

If you’re having trouble attracting great candidates, it may be because your company culture is lacking. 

Do people speak highly of your business from the outside?

Do your employees speak highly of the business from the inside?

If you want to know your company’s workplace satisfaction, put out an anonymous company-wide survey…and then provide an incentive for participation. 

Use the feedback you receive to evaluate any holes or trouble areas that you perhaps weren’t aware of before. 

And don’t get discouraged by any negative feedback – this is an opportunity for business growth! 

Evaluate the data, implement some changes, and get creative about small ways you can make your company a great place to work. 

Maybe you can offer more flexible hours, or agree to more bonuses for good performance and attendance. 

Perhaps you schedule a monthly happy hour, or a free lunch to help boost morale and camaraderie amongst your team. 

Once you feel the overall satisfaction of your workplace is improved, you can incentivize your employees to leave honest reviews about their workplace on social media. 

As you build up your work culture, over time, you will be in high demand with applicants.

Tip #3 Promote Your Brand On Social Media

It’s important for businesses to have a solid brand.

One of the best ways of promoting your business, your values, and your mission as a company is by dialoguing about your brand and your culture on social media. 

Putting a good social media strategy in place to raise positive awareness about your company will not only do wonders for your revenue – it will also attract highly qualified job seekers. 

Another great social media tool you can use to find valuable candidates is LinkedIn. 

Make as many connections as possible,  and search through your recommended matches frequently. 

Engaging with skilled individuals on LinkedIn is a fantastic way to share your message and network in a way that can pay off in the future. 

Tip #4 Offer Solid Pay

Do you think you’re offering a competitive salary? 

You may need to think again…

Entrepreneur contributor and CEO Mike Kappel says, “In the Top Echelon survey, 29.7 percent candidates who rejected a job offer said they did so because the salary was too low. In contrast, 17.9 percent of employers said candidates have “unrealistic salary expectations.”

We are currently in a candidates’ market. This means candidates have more pull during the hiring process when determining compensation and benefits.”

The fact is, if you want top-notch people, you’ve got to compensate them well. 

Maybe even beyond what you deem “reasonable.”

If you don’t feel you can give a qualified applicant exactly what they want, at least be willing to compromise.

Without meeting on some kind of middle ground, you’ll risk losing the deal to someone who pays more.

Tip #5: Act Quickly

If you know you’ve met a candidate that you love, it’s best to follow up with them immediately. 

After all, if they interviewed you it’s likely because they are actively job searching. 

If you wait, they may agree to another position before you even have time to make them an offer. 

The best ones don’t last, so move fast and put your best foot forward.

Bonus Tip: Consider Hiring In House

One thing that business owners often fail to realize when looking for a new employee, is that they may be able to fill the vacant position with a current employee.

After all, if you’re looking for a management position, chances are you have a handful of employees who have proven they are reliable and have good people skills.

 And not only do you already know and trust them -they already know your company. 

This could cut their learning curve down significantly compared to a brand new hire. 

And if you hire in house, you may then have an easier time finding someone to fill the newly vacant position a bit lower on the totem pole. 

While the hiring process can feel discouraging at times, it’s not impossible to attract great people to your company.

You just need to remember to stay competitive…

And get a little creative.

If you’d like professional help finding the perfect candidate for your position, contact us at Infinity Staffing today. 

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