When you work from home it comes with several benefits; however, it also comes with some disadvantages. One of these would be the difficult task of staying focused when there are many distractions happening around you.

When you work from home, distractions come in various forms: your child crying, the dog barking incessantly, unfinished household chores, the TV, your smartphone, certain apps and other websites.

All these can easily keep you from doing and finishing your job — and they can affect the quality of your work, too.

Dealing with Distractions While You Work at Home

Since you’re working from home and you don’t have to worry about finishing your work and leaving the office early to avoid traffic and other commuting or traveling problems, your focus can easily shift from one thing to another and you will soon find your productivity and efficiency affected negatively.

If you want to stay focused all the time, follow these useful tips below:

1. Work from home in a distraction-free area.

If you haven’t set up your home office yet, now is the best time to do so. When you work in your bedroom or in the living room, chances are, you’ll start feeling lazy or sleepy or you’ll turn on the TV and start watching something. Within a few minutes, your laptop will lay forgotten on the bed or couch.

To be productive at home, make sure you have an official office or work-space that is free from distractions and has the right design.

The room should have a good balance of artificial and natural light, clean, and clutter-free. It should have a desk that is big enough, a comfortable chair (ergonomic is best), and all the equipment you need for your day-to-day tasks such as a printer, scanner, shredder, etc.

2. Set your official working hours per day.

Even if working from home enables you to enjoy better time flexibility, you will consistently turn in great results if you set official work hours and stick to them every day, as if you were in an office.

This means just having one or two quick breaks in the morning and afternoon and a lunch break that won’t take more than an hour.

Also, make sure your family or housemates know that you work between set hours and they should never disturb you during these times unless it is important.

Avoid making excuses to take long rests (unless you’re really tired or sick) or doing some chores (except for urgent ones) so that you can finish all your tasks within the day.

3. Use a time management and organization app or even just calendar.

Whether you use a time or project management app, a traditional planner, whiteboard or desk calendar, your goal must be to have a visual of what you need to focus on so that when your mind starts to wander, you will see the list of things you have to do or finish.

This, in turn, will push you to get back to work promptly. Prioritize the tasks you need to do every day so that you will meet your deadlines and make sure you list and organize everything well so that you won’t forget anything.

4. Limit the time you spend checking your phone and other websites.

Checking one’s phone regularly is a habit that isn’t hard to drop. This is something that you will also be inclined to do more often now that you’re alone in your home office.

To avoid spending too much time on your phone, set the timer for 90 minutes and put it inside your drawer or someplace where you won’t easily see it. And even if you reach for your phone, the first thing you’ll see when you turn it on is the timer.

“You’ll be reminded that you can’t use this device for several more minutes and that you should use this time to do your work.”

To avoid being distracted by pop-ups and other sites that you keep visiting that are unrelated to your work, you can install a tool that will block these websites. This way, you can stay focused on your tasks at hand and avoid spending time on other sites.

5. Avoid going hungry and thirsty.

Many people who work from home tend to forget to drink or eat once they start to buckle down and work. Working while you’re hungry isn’t healthy at all and it may also affect the quality of your work.

As such, don’t forget to go on your lunch break and always have a large bottle of water and some healthy, brain-fueling snacks on your desk.

You can also stand up from time to time to get more water or make a cup of coffee or tea, but don’t spend several minutes in the kitchen — remember that you still have your work to get back to.

Whether you’re still looking for a new job that will allow you to work from home or you’re already a long-time telecommuter, make the most of the flexibility and other benefits this type of employment set-up offers.

You can continue enjoying the work from home perks bring by making sure that you are productive and you meet all targets every day, even without close supervision.

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