While Temp to Hire Agencies and a temporary job may not be the goal of many, it remains to be an opportunity that shouldn’t be passed up, especially considering the stiff competition for long-term job positions.

During and after the global economic recession, temping proved to be a lifesaver for many. The general idea here is that it’s always better to have a job, even for a short time, than to have none at all.

But now that the economy is recovering and there are reports claiming that there are more job opportunities now for everybody, why should anyone on a job-hunt still consider temporary gigs?

Why Temp to Hire Agencies?

The gig may only be for a short duration, but according to U.S. News, it could prove to be quite a clever move in the long run. Going for or accepting a temping position is the perfect opportunity to prove your worth as a worker because there are employers who are always looking for high-quality workers for job positions they have in mind.

Or as replacements for those already in the organization but are not performing up to the standards required by the operations. A temping job can often segue to a permanent one.

It’s important to mention as well that temping is a solid way to get more experience and to improve your skills that can either prepare you better for the job position you want, or expand your employment opportunities. It’s a good stepping stone toward your ultimate professional goal.

Likewise, this temporary gig can preserve a positive mindset. Most people get very discouraged about being unemployed, and a temporary job — even if it’s something that doesn’t match your actual abilities or academic training — can easily outwork that discouragement.

In addition to that, it can boost your confidence for the real job of your dreams because the experience will provide you a better grasp or understanding of the work realm.

And lastly, it pays. Generally, people accept temping jobs in order to augment finances and cover financial accountabilities. It’s always good to have a source of income even for just a fixed, short period of time.

Finding temping opportunities with Temp to Hire Agencies

Temporary jobs are actually abundant, especially with SMEs and big corporations opting for short-term contracts with employees. Temping opportunities can be found on everything from classified ads, to store windows, and even to church newsletters.

However, if you wish to conveniently have access to a larger range of temporary jobs to apply for, your best bet is to sign up with a staffing agency that has various clients looking for supply workers.

“Such agencies would already have a lineup of job positions up for grabs.”

Finding a staffing agency is easy. You can go online and take advantage of local SEO by typing “employment agencies near me.” With a few taps on your smartphone, you can get a list of all the employment agencies near you.

You can compare these agencies with each other and then determine which of them holds the best promise of presenting you with the right job opportunities, be they temporary or permanent.

Temp to Hire Agencies - Hollister, CA - Infinity Staffing ServicesHow to be a good Temp to Hire Agencies

Staffing or hire agencies make sure to carefully screen the jobseekers in their roster to maintain a good relationship with the companies they provide supply workers for. This is why it’s imperative that you prove yourself to be a good temp.

How do you go about this?

  • Continue improving and expanding your skills so you’ll be a good match for other job positions. Likewise, do your homework by finding out which industries hold steady even in economic downturns (examples are health care and government). Make sure you have skills that can land you in these industries, even for short-term employment.


  • Learn how to nail those job interviews. Attend training’s that will develop your confidence and allow you to present your best self to employers. The best staffing agencies are known to provide training’s and other programs to increase their clients’ chances of getting hired, so take advantage of all of these provisions.


  • Always follow up a well-executed résumé with a polite phone call. Once you find out that your résumé has been forwarded to an employer, don’t think twice about making that personal connection.


  • Indicate in your résumé and inform the staffing agency that you can (and are willing to) transfer your skills. Parlaying your know-how from one career to another can increase your employment opportunities and at the same time even reflect a positive impression on the hire agency you’re with.


  • Make sure that you never cause trouble in any company you temp at. You want your hire agency to understand that you are reliable, so if you don’t land a permanent job right away, they won’t think twice about continuously matching you up for more temping jobs.


Temping is not something to shy away from. Be completely open to this opportunity — not only will it help your current situation, but it can also lead you to the job that is the perfect match for you.

Following this Temp to Hire Agencies advice to get you one step closer to your dream job found here!

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